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different fishing rods

Jun 13, 2014
so i like the fishing idea. It is a great way to earn gold fast especially for those who are not a member, but one thing i don't like is how the other rods cost so much money. Honestly it cost one thousand gold to by a different one. I know some people think it is not much but for some people it is. Plus if you don't get a new fishing rod all you do is keep getting the same old fish, rarely getting a new one. Also i think that fishing shouldn't be in membership or need to buy with crown areas. This should be a hobby on the game where anyone could go anywhere and fish. I know some people will disagree but some people do not have the money to get a membership or get crowns.

May 08, 2014
Hi, i am bit confused to your topic point but will try best to help :)

If you said fishing is great way to earn gold then getting new baits should not be hard and assuming you are doing other things like dungeons/farming other places for gold. Besides it is a one time buy. I don't think upgrading to the next bait (minor) is worth unless you are member or got the zones to go use it... most of fishes at early areas are easy to catch, unless trying for epics of course. In your case you should just stick to one bait at a time trying to catch that certain school then when ready buy the next, hope that helps?

Fishing restriction is just like any others system in the game... example: Wanting to experience a new world is like fishing, you will obviously need the zones and the level requirement to be there. Think of it like farming Loremaster for her skills, you will need to be decent level to farm there unless other peoples are doing the work for you :P So imo i rather not see a lot of low levels all over the spiral trying to catch rare fish with low bait. It is also not fair for those who had to pay for zones or membership, just so anyone to roam in any world just to fish, it should be exclusive. Support the game and make that small payment!

You have to pay the price to be the top fisher or to catch the good stuffs :D good luck on your fishing adventure.

Wolf DarkShade 87 Expert (lvl7) Fisherman