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De-tails about Fishing

Jun 27, 2014
Some quick notes about Fishing.
  • Catching fish consumes a small amount of energy. Energy will also be consumed if the fish gets away.
  • Players who are level 7 or higher will get a boost to their base Energy.
  • Don't get discouraged if you don't catch the first few fish you lure. You'll get better with practice. It's all in the timing. Just watch for the orb to fully submerge before you reel them in.
  • Fish have schools, in more than one sense of the word. You have a better chance at catching a Fire School fish with the Fire School Fish lure spells.
  • If the fish gets away, it will give you a hint as to its school.
  • The fish you see in the ponds are exclusive to you, other people will see their own fish.
  • You can scare away your fish by running too close to them.
  • Other players and mounts won't get in the way of your fishing view.
  • You currently cannot fish in underwater areas.
  • There's more than just fish in the lakes and rivers of the Spiral...

Fishing Luck
  • Fishing luck is a stat that increases your chance of catching a fish when you use a Magical Lure.
  • There are two new Elixirs in the Crown Shop that increase your Fishing Luck.