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Code wands - drop rate way too low

Jun 23, 2017
Hi, I just spent 6 hours of straight fishing with 103 fishing luck plus my double chance of getting a chest spell and I did get some wands, but I already have them from previous times that I fished. I don't need 4 dragonclaw blades or 4 warpwoods. It's getting annoying always getting repeats and I don't know if I'm gonna try fishing again because I am so sick of it. All I want is a fog staff and I have caught every single wand besides the fog staff. I don't understand how I'm not getting these wands with 103 fishing luck and my double chance of getting a chest. It's ridicilous if I'm unable to catch them with that amount of extra chance. Please make the drop rates higher.

Update: I have gotten 2 amaranthine staffs, So I'm just gonna not do anymore fishing and use one of those on my other character instead of the Fog which I still have not gotten.

Jan 29, 2017