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Best places to fish?

Mar 28, 2019
So, my main gold source tends to be fishing. It seems to be lucrative source of gold, between the value of some fish, as well as the decently high value items (and the high amounts of straight-up gold).

Currently, my favorite spot is the Massive Fantasy Palace. Not only is it a house i love from my childhood and my last account, that I'll be buying if i ever see a chance, but the fish there are worth 500-1500 gold, and fishing chests have a (very small) chance to contain a Gryphon mount. A full mid level energy bar spent here can net you around 20K, closer to 25-30K if you count fish chests (in both their direct gold and selling their ultra valuable reagents). This is just me fishing with an entry level Balance lure the whole time. not even scanning schools. Potentially, if you used a Storm lure, which attracts the highest value fish there, and the fishing chests specifically, you could probably make 100K in 1-2 trips.I have a major question, though

After ive obtained a chest with the gyphon, where should I go to fish? should I keep going to the palace, or should I find somewhere with even more ludicrous fish and chests? If so, where? I'd prefer houses, given late game locations would take me hitching a ride off a higher level friend

Aug 03, 2014
I'd recommend sticking with the balance lure you're using instead of changing to storm...the chests are great for balance there and there are usually more balance fish too

As for where next....oooh well check out the other bundle houses (accessible through castle tours, no porting needed) and see which mounts can be caught. There are quite a few cool ones, some for looks and some for stats too!

There is the Malorian Dragon 2 person mount (try life fish) from Winterwind Tower
Battle Narwhal from Polarian Shipwreck (try ice fish)
Arcane Minecart from Midday Estate
Bee wings from Amber Estate
Magic Carpet and Camel from Nomad's Camp
Bat Wings from Darkmoor Manor
Feathered Rapture from Serpentine Estate
Chariot from the Acropolis (also 2 person - try ice fish)

That's the ones off the top of my head...there's likely more I've missed

If you're interested in things other than mounts then you might like the Elephant Graveyard (you'll need a port to get there but can mark location to get back) which has the Beckett wands - I went for ice to catch all the sentinels then death once they were all caught. They both have chests

I hope you catch some good ones!

Jun 19, 2012
Well there isn't a "best" place to fish necessarily, it all just depends where you need fish. If you're looking for fishing XP however and gold, I'd try darkmoor.

Oct 12, 2008
For fishing I usually aim for the catch of the day, I usually look up the fish on the wiki and at the locations possible for it to be caught, and I prioritise easier to go to places like commons areas and 1-50 lvl worlds, but a lot of fish can be caught in the houses. My best tip is to go to the castle tours house in the commons, visit the house with the catch of the day or to a house with only one school of fish such as the ice house, then fish away to your hearts content.

Aug 22, 2019
Do you have to be a certain character level for the Batwings Mount to drop while fishing at Darkmoor Manor?