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Avalon Fishing Quest - King Mackeral

Dec 20, 2008
Anyone have any tips for how to catch the King Mackeral fish? I caught the Hamlet and Sea Fairy right away but have not been able to find the Mackeral. Been working on it for the past week so any suggestions would be great. Thanks

Jan 14, 2018

What really helped me is for starters the Winnow ice fish spell because the King Mackerel is an ice school fish, when you did that use the Winnow Rank 3 fish spell, the King Mackerel is an rank 3 ice fish so did will scare everything else away and give you an good change of getting that fish

Good luck!

Aug 07, 2012
I've caught King Mackeral at Caliburn in Avalon --the area by the fisher lady fox Brooke. I used reveal. If no ice fish then cast summon and then reveal. Keep repeating until you see an ice fish. He's the only ice fish there. He's a level 3 ice so be sure to use the ice 3 lure. Congrats on getting the Sea Fairy. A lot of wizards have trouble catching that one. I caught my Sea Fairy at High Road close to the wall where the wizard stands so some might have accidently chased it away. . I don't have access yet to Dun Dara to get Hamlet.

Good luck. Keep fishing!!

Dec 20, 2008
Thank you both. I finally got it.