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New Monster Mayhem event begins!

A little mischief and mayhem never hurt anyone, except the bad guys!

Now through Monday, August 24th, get ready to embrace your inner beast and team up with allies in an attempt to best multiple waves of monsters! Will you come out on top?

More about the event: https://t.co/AE6mzpVXig?amp=1

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Dec 20, 2019
While I love PvP Beastmoon, this Mayhem event needs serious work.

I have done about 20 matches so far and have beaten the round 1 boss ONCE. Even with competent players, beating the first boss is almost impossible with the time limit. The boss would be easily beatable with a few extra minutes, but the 10 minute time limit is prohibitive. I'm not even going to talk about how horrible this is with players who have no clue what they're doing.

It's silly how you get NO rewards if you don't beat any boss when you don't beat a boss 95% of the matches.

I think the simple solution is upping the time limit for the rounds. I remember people suggesting that in Test Realm but it doesn't seem to have taken any hold.

As is, I won't play this game mode because it is simply too frustrating. Even with good players, there's barely a chance to even get to level 2 and get ANY sort of rewards. It's just too hard with the time restraints.

Please considering patching this mode ASAP because I love Beastmoon and think it is a great aspect of the game.

Apr 30, 2011
I have never participated in this event, but was surprised at how difficult it is. I usually end up with 0 points. I am very confused why it is timed when players have no control over the animation time. When these beasts cast over time fire spells for example, that have to hit each player 3 or 4 times, I just see the clock ticking. I mostly feel helpless. It is pretty difficult. Maybe other people feel differently, but I don't think I will be participating anymore.

Dec 20, 2010
Every match I've managed to get into I've gotten in with five players who stand as one and spin. The Entire Match. They never stop spinning in the base. Every Match I've been in. It is soooo frustrating and the opposite of the fun and excitement I had for trying this new Beast Moon. I thought that you had fixed it so someone gets the boot if they are spinning at base? It's hard enough to get through this version with a full team. I definitely can't do it by myself or with only one other person.

Jun 23, 2012
Hate this new beastmoon. I have played on 3 different wizards since last night and have not made it past the spiral once. I am pretty much ready to say I'm not even going to play it anymore. All that effort, killing the first 3 fights (and sometimes the extra fights while others are at the spiral) and we don't get any lunari at all. I need to level my beast to even have a chance at beating this thing, but can't because there are no rewards. It's the worst event I've seen put out. Add rewards of lunari even when losing and give more time (or more time in the time clam) or it's not even worth our time trying to play it.

Jun 04, 2010
i just bought a year membership for me and my brother because we loved the beast moon even sooo much probably more than anything in the game .. i have to tell you i played the new even and i cannot stand it .. use to be on all day now i'm just disgusted .. i hate this new format so much i logged and wanna punch something .. not a swing and a hit .. ty bye

Aug 14, 2012
I have to agree with the two above posts. The Mayhem event is too frustrating. I have played a similar number of times and we barely beat the first boss ONCE and, even that was with less than 10 seconds to go.

I understand wanting to have a format that has increased difficulty but this is a bridge too far. Getting 500 event points would require a tremendous amount of game play in my opinion.

I too enjoy the beastmoon event although there are players that really suck the life out of that too, but this is different.

Take this back to the drawing board or increase the time limits. At present, it's not worth the time investment.

Jul 13, 2009
I'm not very excited about this mayhem as I originally was. The rewards are terrible. Rewards should be beastmoon oriented. If I wanted runes, I would play the runes game. The time restriction is a bit of a problem, especially when fighting fire monster (too many dots) . Animation is way too slow on various spells (gobbler spell on myth minotaur) and any of the special shield spells. Even getting the special blade spells slows things down. I also believe, that Meleagle should have a boss progression reward. One quest for first boss, then second boss, then third boss to at least get something extra for the effort. At least the new people are getting bored for little rewards and have stopped playing. Good players make it easier to get through first boss, but rarely get through second boss. I've only been to the third boss 2 times in 3 days. (although I will say I haven't played as much as normal) but in 40 or 50 tries, it should be more.

I do hope some adjustments are made for the next event. Being challenging is one thing, difficult and irritating is another.

Better rewards oriented to event.

Better animation.

Extra progression from Meleagle.

Good luck and thanks.

ps: I made it to final boss twice more. Actually got him and time ran out before the rest of the team played and we lost. I suggest letting the final round play out even after the timer goes off.

Sep 24, 2011
As far as this new event goes. Its fun. It's a challenge. But it is hard when people dont know what they are doing and that's fine and dandy. There are only a couple things I could say that are bad with this. Also some good things

The time should be longer. 10 minutes is close to clutching it. I would say 15-20 minutes at most to help new players pick their cards (I am a veteran beastmoon player and sometimes I have trouble somtimes)

Enemies are evenly balanced especially the bosses. Great work on that.

2 enemies per but can hold 4 players. Great idea to be honest.

Coin Clams! Awesome more battle coins more often!

Time Clams are a good thought on the low timer. I feel like one should appear after every round that has been won. 2 minutes or even 3 minutes would be an extra good thing.

New crafting. Great! But if the only way we can get them is through the rewards for the event progress eh. They should drop from enemies in this specific event.

Should probably allow for all forms to be used(If they are then great)

Other than that it's a great thought for an event. Just has quite a few bugs in it. Personally I think it needs work and shouldn't have come to Live Realm yet but hey what do I know. That's all I have for ya!

StephenRubyWielder 130

Jun 14, 2009
I just want to say thank you to everyone above for using the exact words and phrasing I used to describe Monster Mayhem when they asked for feedback during Test. Most notably: frustrating.

There is no better way to describe this event than frustrating. If Spark or someone is able to dig up my post (it was in the Test Realm section but it got removed when it went Live), it'd show that every point I brought up is still unchecked and been extremely problematic. I mean really, how hard is it to change the time clam to 3 minutes?

They have fixed a lot, as referenced in my other post on Live Realm feedback, but haven't changed anything. Mostly bug fixes and preventing the form-lock catastrophe (where you can't access any form because you died twice or everyone else has forms you have unlocked). So good job on that, KI. Credit where it's due.

But I REALLY question how they expected people to play this. I've been on Discord groups with voice chat and we're fairly organized and we beat wave 2 ONCE. I played on Test and Live with random people and the vast majority (maybe 60-80%) of the time, we don't beat Wave 1. You don't get lunari, you walk away with <10 event points, and you leave frustrated with the game itself or your team. That's unhealthy and awful.

I have to remain incredibly positive in the game because people leave or go afk very frequently. I mean I can list all the problems with it, but everyone else already has/will. The issue with Monster Mayhem is that it reveals all the ugliness of Wizard101 and throws it into a gamemode (Hunt does this too).

You have the choppy animations (and some are still incredibly long), the static UI, chat limitations, lack of organizing tools, repetitive gameplay, frustrating rng, slow movement system, and combine it in an arena with a time limit, barring disconnections and the inability to join matches in progress.

I have been asking for shorter animations for over a decade now. You spend the VAST majority of combat sitting around and waiting. Events were a breath of fresh air because combat became faster, simplified, and challenging. How did Monster Mayhem mess this up?

They chose to put the spell audit front-and-center in Test and abandon most of Monster Mayhem. The comments you are reading here aren't new. They were mentioned the first week or so in Test Realm. The problem is, nobody played the mode anymore because it was so frustrating and unfun. The game mode SEEMS fun. It seems like it should be really cool and interesting, but it's not. At all.

I'll summarize what I want(ed) fixed/tweaked. I won't go into reasoning because it'll take too long and you can read it under the Beastmoon MM Suggestions thread on the message boards. These are the suggestions I made when it was still in Test:
  • Faster casting animations
  • Faster animations, especially with Fire Giant and other AOE spells
  • Faster DOT animations
  • Faster blade/shield animations
  • Lower enemy health (~10-20%)
  • Fix enemy AI (overtightened, chain stun, will always blade when you DOT them)
  • Fix combat "fluff", there's numerous animations that "pause" or "wait" a second before/after starting/ending
  • More speed wisps
  • More pip wisps*
  • Unlock all forms, but not all schools*
  • Time Clam UI indicator for when it is spawned, goes away when found
  • Icons by enemy locations
  • Time Clam time 2 -> 3 minutes
  • Time balancing
  • Enemies one-shot too much
  • Too restrictive - spells are too long, forms are too slow, tanks are bad, etc.
  • Better Rewards*
  • Rewards just for playing
  • More event points
  • Pause timer on Spiral Buffs
  • Pause timer when spiral is defeated, but waiting to teleport to base
  • Menu Chat options
  • Fix Meagle Quest* (still a little bugged, I have no idea what it actually does)
  • Athena's pics have 2 incorrect enemy spawn locations
  • More lunari
  • More features for more fun**

*KI changed/fixed this. Great job!

**Add other features to actually make it mayhem! Add TCs, more buffs, more speed boosts, health boosts, puzzles, mini-crafting, gardening, whatever. Make it rewarding and fun and less about just battling things.

All of the above suggestions hold up now. I've played 20 games or so now, though I do not have the event points to show for it. I was really hoping last night's maintenance would tweak it a bit, but the bug fixes are noted and appreciated. As I stated in my Test realm post (that allegedly gets read by KI), please pull this and fix it. It is truly a disappointment. There are so many great things about this mode, but I can't look past how it wasn't tweaked or balanced appropriately AT ALL. I'm trying not to be negative, but I was incredibly frustrated with the lack of fixing from Test Realm and the lack of care put into making this fun.

Here's the positive changes that KI made that I appreciate: fixed fire pig spells, wisp bug fixes, better rewards when completing a wave, and unlocked all forms and 1 school by default. Good job. I genuinely appreciate it. But next time, take the time and tweak the game. I can't imagine spending months making this mode and playing all different variations of it, just to have this version be the one you gave to the players.

Aug 14, 2012
I see a couple references to "good" players. I can only guess that means players that have high tier forms. I only came back to the game after a long break and discovered the beastmoon event. So, while I am playing more frequently, I have a very few forms I can start with a higher level from the get go. I don't think this makes me a "bad" player. But whatever, it leads to my next point.

I understand the frustration about spinning players, but I would think that even "bad" players like me should be able to get ahead more frequently than once in what is now about 35 tries. I give up.

The rewards stink or are nonexistent. The rewards on the event progression bar are very meh. The map is confounding. And then throw in that beating the time limit is almost impossible if you have one level 1 player.

At least all of the players are complaining about the same thing, which is refreshing after the last beastmoon event.

Bag it, patch it, do whatever. I'll take this week off.


Aug 14, 2018
I love the concept, but hear me out. I really think that the time limit should be extended- I played the game for hours yesterday and today and had some pretty awesome teams (did the random one). We got all the way to the third wave, and then lost within seconds. Also, though I do like the spell animations in regular beastmoon, I feel like it’s unfair to have them at their regular speeds during the monster mayhem because it’s timed. Along with that- if you do run out of time during a boss fight, the fight should end as soon as the timer is up. The way it is now (it casts every spell that was chosen by the players even when the monsters aren’t there anymore) just makes it aggravating to sit through and have to watch. Regardless of these issues, I think that the concept of the game is really cool, really fun, and I really hope that some changes can be made to make playing more enjoyable.

Jan 18, 2009
For the record I have won this event twice (both wins were back to back and won by a comfortable margin)

This event as it stands is a dps test that is very unfriendly toward new players, impossible to finish with random teams, and very restrictive on which beastmoon forms are viable since only high dmg based classes work well. Healers and tanks are near useless due to their slower nature. The timer is most of the problem for this, I'm not going to suggest how to fix it since you all are responsible for the actions, but all of these problems stem from the time limit.

The last problem which is a huge problem for most players is the rewards, if a player doesn't have enough incentive with the fun of the game they will drop this game mode immediately since most of the rewards are awful. For winning you'll get a decent amount of lunari and anywhere from 25-55 points depending on how mvp you were for your team, not much different from the hunt. However, as it stands the current drops apart from points and lunari seem to be deckathalon runes of all things, i think I've seen some eldritch thread but thats it. There's no hasty harvests, no stones, no dust, no needles, no idols, and no seeds. I'm going under the assumption that this is a mess up in the code or event implementation, but this needs to be fixed asap.

Oh, and please fix the quest its not working and i don't want it in my quest log.

Jul 10, 2016
I love the Beastmoon Hunt. But this new one is very frustrating. I don't understand why a player looses their beast when they are defeated. The timers make no sense. It feels like the players have been setup to fail. I have played it 15 or so times and got past level one only twice. I stopped playing the decklathon because of the three strikes your out. This one is probably going to end up the same way for me.