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New Beastmoon Seeds to drop Idols

Mar 16, 2009
When Beastmoon was still pretty new, this mechanic was really great. If you wanted to tier up a form you liked, you can farm seeds of that specific school to get Beastmoon Idols for that form. Each harvest you could reliably get a handful of the correct idol.

But this is no longer the case. Every school has five different Beastforms now, except for Ice which has six. Since each Beastmoon seed can only drop up to three Idols per harvest, there is a chance that you won't get any of the correct Beastmoon Idols anymore. This makes it harder and harder to collect the Idols to tier up new forms, and is especially bad for new players who haven't had the chance to harvest a lot of the seeds before this change happened.

We need new Beastmoon seeds with a smaller selection of Idols so that we can focus better on what forms we want to tier up. My idea is for each school to have three school-specific seeds, one focusing on each size of Beastform. One for big forms, another for medium forms, and one more for the small forms. This way there would only be a maximum of four different forms to potentially get an idol for, so players can tier up the forms they want faster.

This part is unrelated but I'd also like for the school-specific seeds to drop a small amount of Lunari as well. Like even just 5 or so for the school-specific seeds would go a long way into supplementing Lunari so players can reach the higher Tiers.

Mar 16, 2009
I want to bump this topic as the Spring test realm approaches. We'll probably be seeing new Beastforms very soon, and while I'm excited for that, they will reduce the chance of getting Beastmoon idols for already-existing Beastforms just by existing. Giving us more Beastmoon seeds to reduce the RNG of Beastmoon idols would be greatly appreciated.