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Beastmoon Capping vs Spiral

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
If you’re winning, you want to avoid fighting – especially at the spiral. When you fight over the spiral and lose, you’ll give a huge point boost to the opposing team. If you can, play the capturing game. Let the opposing team capture a circle and then capture it back. That way both teams will gather points at an equal rate, thereby guaranteeing that you will emerge victorious.
It’s quite the opposite if you’re behind on points. Try to engage the spiral and leave the other circles to the opponents. Let’s say the current score is 80-98, in their favor. Your best option is to attack and win the spiral. If you capture any other circle, you’ll just be giving the opposing team an opportunity to re-capture it and win the game.

I found a guide mention this, and wanted to spread the love.
All credit goes to FinalBastion