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Add team members to beastmoon after entering queue

Mar 30, 2014
It happens sometimes that a group is unable to fill a team and runs out of patience so they just enter the queue with a partial team. And then someone asks to join the team, but it's too late even though we are just still standing around waiting. It would be really great if there were a way to add people to the team while waiting in the queue, assuming obviously that there is space for them. And it would help the queue move faster. I've also had the occasional person leave while the team is in the queue and it would be nice to be able to add a replacement to the team if we haven't even started yet.

Jan 12, 2013
Personally I think there should be no time penalty for leaving the queue and rejoining solo or in a different team. Why is a penalty needed?

Keep the penalty once you get the "ready to go screen" if you have to, but not while it says "X players waiting".