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The Bat

Nov 30, 2011
Hi all I was wondering if someone could give me a quick recap of the bat and his actions. Empyrea part 1 as so long ago that I forgot the event that transpired. I know he is the third child of spider but I thought he helped us stop medulla in the end, but we are capturing him at the beginning of part 2. Also if someone wanted to throw in a brief part 1 story recap I wouldn't mind because like I said it has been a while.

Nathan StormThief 127 89

Oct 29, 2011
I don't remember perfectly but I think this is more or less how it goes:

The Bat is one of Spider's 3 children. After the first 2 (The Rat and The Scorpion) fail at helping Spider, The Bat is asked to kidnap Mellori and work with the Cabal and Medulla as a part of Spider's plan to destroy the Spiral. However, the Bat doesn't want to destroy the Spiral and so he instead refuses to give her to Medulla.

The Bat helps us get to Medulla, but after the finale with Medulla he attacks Mellori and takes her essence or something. This is because the Bat wanted to stop Spider from using Mellori's power as Raven's child to destroy the Spiral, and so he thought this was the only option to save everyone. Then he ran.

This is why we were trying to capture Bat, to get back the essence.

Or atleast that's what I somewhat remember lol.

Side Note: Bat is easily one of my all time favourite characters in the game, kudos to KI for coming up with such a cool character.

Nov 30, 2011