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Storm Titan Gear Drops and Pure Aethyr

Nov 30, 2012
I have done nine successful runs at Storm Titan on 3 different wizards and I am extremely disappointed on the drops that I got ie. seeds, reagents and worthless jewels but no gear and no Pure Aethyr. After working hard with great teams, all of us could not believe what we received and expected more.

Even spending crowns on the Titan chest was to say the least unreal, receiving TC's from the chest is not what I expect. I do hope that some changes are made to the quality of the drops. While it is very satisfying to beat Titan, it becomes pointless if we are not going to get a proper reward.

KI has done a great job with this world and yes Titan can be beat with proper strategy and a team that works together. I don't want to sound sour but make an effort to increase the drop rate and quality. Test realm did say that this boss was going to drop Pure Aethyr????? and seeds are not what I expect from this challenge.

Mar 19, 2011
Empyrea is a fun world, but gear drops are not a reason to do it.

Dec 16, 2009
Little known fact, but you can get most of the top tier gear farming the groves.

Astral grove- Drops paradox hat and boots

Elemental grove- Drops paradox deck and athame

Spiritual grove- Drops paradox ring and amulets

The trident only drops robes and wands while his second chance chest has the potential to drop any item. Personally, i find his most attractive items to be his hat and boots so i recommend farming the astral grove.

May 18, 2010
KI is missing the message from players that pay to play this game. I have farmed 200 times for 130 gear and still need 2 items but now I have given up. This game should not be about luck it should be about work and effort. I have seen players do nothing but heal themselves and get all the gear drops on others labors. This is not just unfair but ridiculous and yet it has one saving grace, that being I will never spend another dollar on crowns.