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Some easter eggs in empyrea

Dec 10, 2012
Hello wizard101 and this is a list of some of the easter eggs i picked up on the way through empyrea.

OK lets start with the very obvious ones.

Pork, Beans and Sparck, They kinda remind me of star trek, like seriously the ship thing we flew to empyrea looked like the space ship from star trek ( i am no star trek expert please keep that in mind)

The Bat is based off of Batman, evidence?

He has a car like engine like the one batman uses

He has a "bat cave" in zanadu which batman has

Bat did have a " Robin" in zanadu known as grey'sin

After you accept the quest " the deadliest catch" and you talk to Bat again, he mentions that he had a belt that attracts sky squids, so it sounds like Bat does have a utility belt.

Ziggi stardust was pretty much self explain, she is based off of ziggy stardust

Now with the not obvious ones

The Qhatlady is kinda cool because it is a pun, she is a crazy cat lady

The quizzler was based off of the riddler

The Le pingouin is based off of Penguin, yet another batman villian

Killer krok is based off the villian killer croc (batman Villain)

Baane is based off bane (batman villian)

Poison Oak Sounds a lot like poison ivy (batman villain)

So that is all of the ones I could pick up while i was adventuring through empyrea part 1, i hope in the furture they give us more! it will be a fun time finding all of them! if i miss any please comment it or what one is your favorite? tell me i am curious

Nov 30, 2009
I was with you until you said "kinda." Pork (James T. Kirk), Beans (Bones), Sparck (Spock), and Khan (Khan), are the most obvious Star Trek inspired characters of all time!

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Prospero, Miranda and Ariel are references to Shakespeare's The Tempest. Prospero and his daughter, Miranda, were banished to a deserted island because of a betrayal, and Ariel was a spirit. Ariel agreed to serve Prospero when he freed him from a tree, where he'd been imprisoned by the witch, Sycorax.

By coincidence, the Sycorax are also a race in Dr. Who's The Christmas Invasion.

Crusher and Wesley are characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Crusher was the ship's doctor and Wesley was her teen son who grew up to become an ensign.

Alia Misthaven

Aug 29, 2016
In the aerial Jungle there is a a dude call Floxx who was the Doctor on Enterprize called Flock.

In instanboa they have the Kobra Kamander and the Kobra Kai Dojo, lead by Qhreese
The rockie bow boa.

Oct 29, 2011
"Dynt", the pirate in Sepidious who's burnt on one side by acid is clearly a reference to Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face from Batman, fitting in to the theme of "The Bat" and Batman villains.

Aug 03, 2015
Medulla is based off a part of your brain.

The Medulla is the inner region of an organ or tissue. So basically it's part of the brains cord connecting it to the rest of the body

I don't really think this is an easter egg, but you can tell they re used a lot of the old mobs (borealis gem creatures, swirlers, bugs etc)

Aug 25, 2014
Zanadu is based off an old movie musical called Xanadu. The NPC Alyvia you meet in the Leisure Dome is actually Olivia Newton John who was in the film. I actually haven't seen the film so I can't point out to rest of the references to it, but I think there may be more.

Feb 21, 2016
the sani-bots are either the darleks or the cybermen because there was a side quest that was saying about a glitched out sani leader that wanted to turn every alphoi into sanish alphoidians