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quest: go to Zigi's Estate

Jun 08, 2015
I stopped at my assigned quest entry, go to Zigi's Estate in Zanadu; when I went back in to run the quest, I found I am at the sigel for Abandoned House, which is the first quest in Zanadu . . . very annoyed . . . I have trying to find information on abandoned house quest in the wiki and found no help.

I asked support and all i get is that I have to do all those sewer parts again which definitely irritates me be cause I got no dungeon warning when I marked my spot in front of Zigi's Estate and had to quit for the night.

I repeatedly asked support where the dungeon ends and only answer I get is that it ends when quest updates; DUH; that's where I stopped! So will someone please tell me what the last quest for abandoned house dungeon is? When is it safe to get off without loosing ground?

Seems like I was in there for 3 hours and back was killing me . . .

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
You do have to go back into the sewers, but you don't have to fight anyone this time. Now finding the sewer entrance without a quest arrow to guide you, on the other hand, is a bit challenging.

This quest stalled me for a long time because, like you, I thought it was safe to pause in the middle. And then I couldn't figure out how to get back under shield. This is the map I used to help me find my way back.


It's the Zanadu Market Square with sewer entrances pointed out. If I remember right, you go in at area 1 and come out at area 2.

Hopefully KI will reprogram the quest arrow for in case we end up back outside the shield wall.

Good luck!

Alia Misthaven