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My beast fight club guidish

May 30, 2010
So I have finished Beast Fight Club 14 times. I want to make a guide since the duelist guide while making great points is so what badish.
First, I do not like to kill Yowck first since you are suppose to kill him for the quest. What I usually do is kill the storm first since he can kill you in one hit. Remember if you kill Yowck then are kill it will not count for you finishing the quest even through you might kill Death and Storm too
Second, no one trapper. This is good in theory but in the game not so much. In all my fights everyone expect maybe the big hitter has traps on them.
Third, feint Mykedee mulitple times since Mykedee put infection on you if you healing.
One thing I like is bring Cl since I do heal a lot
Now more stuff I personal do. I am life BTW so I mostly healing but I do carry dispels for storm, death, and ice. If someone who is the schools of the boss come in, tell them to put in a few dispels of their own.
Never running to the battle. Fix your deck every time.
For balance, bring mana burns these guys got a lot of pips especially ice.
For death, Bring juju for 90% weakness these are useful
For life, bring rebirths and a few unircorns
For everyone bring stun blocks and traps, These are very important especially in the second and last fight.
That is all have fun.