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How does Baane do so much damage with Dark Nova?

May 08, 2010
This one kinda confuses me here. I'm not complaining on him and asking for a nerf, but I'm genuinely interested here.

I believe Dark Nova is the shadow spell that deals 1600 to one wizard, while I was fighting Baane solo, he used Dark Nova, only had the 40% shadowblade, and did 6000 damage to me.

He has 20% pierce, so counting my normal resist (52% fire/ice/storm, 32% rest schools) and taking that pierce, I would still have 12% pierce, so the damage would've been higher, but as a storm wizard, it wouldn't of mattered as my health is only at 5100 at the moment.

I was eventually able to beat him Stacking 2 stormblades (40% sharpen, 35% morganthe amulet), Azteca Aura, and two feints (80% sharpen, 70% regular) and a epic enchanted glowbug squall. (My bonus damage is around 135% right now I believe)

I was just really surprised that an Ice Boss was able to do that much damage with so little (he was also doing 1000 per winter moon on my second attempt, third attempt I was able to beat him) since in Mirage most ice bosses had low pierce/low damage boost, I was confused/surprised at the high amounts of damage he could do.

I checked the Wiki, and it only shows 20% pierce that he has, so I'm wondering if he has excess damage boost, because I don't think 20% pierce against my ice resist with a normal winter moon can do 1000 (I should still have 32% resist going into a normal winter moon hit, he didn't have any modifiers in blades/auras/traps/globals)

Just curious on that.

I do enjoy the battles where I do and will die in Empyrea though, Gotta hand it to KI on that one, battles that make me rethink battle strategies I enjoy.