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Dying Jungle (SPOILERS)

Feb 25, 2012
Is there any way to get back to the dying jungle on Mandalla after the Temple of Light is destroyed?

Jun 29, 2009
Yes, just have someone who hasnt completed Nimbus in Empyrea part 2 to travel there, you can set a location at the old Mandalla, and take the middle sky ship.

Jun 28, 2013
I was going to ask the same question. And I see one of the replies is that you have to teleport to somebody that has not completed it yet. This shouldn't be the case you shouldn't have to constantly asking in the Commons if somebody hasn't completed Nimbus in Empyrea Part 2 that you could teleport to them. When somebody is farming constantly it becomes very annoying to keep asking especially when you get Negative replies After Time . Also I have tried the team up kiosk and that this not available half the time either. It's an area in the game and kingsisle should have kept it possible for a player to go there at no matter what in order to farm.

King's Isle I strongly urge and request that you make it possible for us to go to that location again. There is a boss there that seems to drop High critical jewels. I have farmed the bosses in husk looking for the same Jewel and I haven't found it yet..