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Wizard full instance thing

Dec 21, 2008
Well when my friend needed help with the malistaire instance i tryed to port, BUT when they only had 3 ppl in the instance it said full instance so i wasn't able to help and was wondering when they were gonna fix that and if anyone else had that problem

Dec 29, 2008
Yeah, I hate that too it really stinks and when you flee from a dungeon and you tell your friend(s) to stay there and you can't come back.

May 23, 2009
Okay... something that I have found works, MOST (not every time) of the time......until they get the bug thing fixed.......

If you flee, and can not get back into a dungeon, etc. because of FULL INSTANCE,
run aaaaalll the way back to the entrance of the dungeon and go through the dungeon entrance like you were going to start the dungeon over, then try to teleport to your friend. Usually that works and if it does, it will get you back on track and playing with the people you came in with.

Honestly, in my opinion, I know that the Full Instance thing is a bug that KI is working on, BUT, if they kept the FULL INSTANCE block on, on purpose and made it where it is REQUIRED to run all the way back to the entrance of the dungeon (like i mentioned above), it would be more challenging. It would be kind of like a 'penalty' for fleeing. It's just to simple to say, "Hey no problem, i'll flee and teleport back to you and use my bottle to refill my mana." Just an Idea for Kings Isle

~David SoulFlame
LVL 50 Pyromacer
~David SoulHunter
LVL 36 Sorcerer