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Where is the Deck Shop

Jun 14, 2009
There is no Deck shop!!!!!! Do you have to stick with the Bazaar and the rare drop????????

Feb 27, 2009
Actually there IS a deck shop. It is in the Anethneum in the Anethneum. Ok thats too confusing. Its in the Library.

Oct 28, 2009
Is there really a deck shop in dragonspyre . if so what is it linked to.

May 17, 2009
i looked in the library and didnt find any one that sold decks. can you tell me exactly how to get there...like do i go upstairs, or is it downstairs?

Jul 01, 2008
Where you can get your 45+ deck is at the Bazaar (55 max. cards) or from boss drops (55 max. cards & 60 max. cards).

Decks that hold 55 max. cards, 7 max. of your school and 4 max. of others:

Myth: Karuvian Deck of Eternity
[drops: Karuvian Scargiver in Plaza of Conquests]

Life: Deck of Nature's Bounty
[drops: Firevein in Plaza of Conquests]

Storm: Sea Lord's Deck of Thunder
[drops: Sea Lord in Plaza of Conquests]

Ice: Deck of the Ice Wyrm
[drops: Sandor Spearcaller in Plaza of Conquests]

Balance: Deck of Perfect Harmony
[drops: Marva Flamewing in Plaza of Conquests; Valerik Brightsword in the Crucible]

Fire: Deck of the Devouring Flame
[drops: Tamris in Plaza of Conquests; Iona Pyrelance in the Crucible]

Death: Deck of Last Departure
[drops: General Firetusk in the Grand Chasm Past]

Decks that hold 60 max. cards, 7 max. of your school and 4 max. of others:

Myth: Deck of the Silver Sentinel
[drops: Silver Sentinel in the Labyrinth]

Life: Deck of the Gallium Paladin
[drops: Gallium Paladin in the Labyrinth]

Storm: Shadowcrown's Hurricane Deck
[drops: Devora Shadowcrown in the Labyrinth]

Ice: Blackrock's Obsidian Deck
[drops: Boris Blackrock in the Crucible]

Balance: Steelwielder's Metalbound Deck
[drops: Zora Steelwielder in the Labyrinth]

Fire: Bristleback's Singed Deck
[drops: Andor Bristleback in the Labyrinth]

Death: Grimcaster's Doomfaring Deck
[drops: Orin Grimcaster in the Crucible; Bael Emberlight in The Crystal Grove]

- 60 max. cards decks are No Auction.
- Don't count on my spelling lol.
- 55 max. cards decks can be dropped from the first boss of Briskbreeze Tower, in Colossus Boulevard.

I hope this helps!

Amber Pixiefountain life 50
Amber Goldleaf myth 50
Amber Willowleaf balance 50
Ambber Moon storm 50