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where is the DayBreeze house in the Labyrnth

Jul 19, 2009
im on the mission for the level 48 spell in s torm and it wants me to locate the Daybreeze house in labyrnth i cant find it help dont labrynth twice today Loretta

May 02, 2009
Even though I'm a grand fire, I've been in the house before.

The house is near the entrance in the labyrinth.

When you enter, stay to the right, avoiding the confused sentrys as you go along. When you see the house with the stairs, go into it, and you'll be at the location for the quest.

If your still stuck, then use your quest helper to help you out.

Also note, you won't have to fight a boss to get to it, as it's not across the lava, which means it won't be behind the gate of dispair.

Hope I help.

Seth ShadowCloud
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Seth EmeraldFlame
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