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Where exactly is the Hoarder

Feb 27, 2009
Its been so long since i've defeated the hoarder that i dont know where she is. I know shes in the drake hatchery somewhere. I think shes by Castamir Silverdrake. Out of memory, i think shes there, but i've been looking for her in that area and i cant find her. SHe seems to not be showing up. i REALLY want her Everband of the hoarder(balance school)! I need better gear since i'm now a captain in pvp. But i am really confused on her! Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where exactly she is. I need step-by-step details. Thank ya!

Mar 14, 2009
The Hoarder is in the street, walking around. She is not in a tower. Make sure right when you see her you run up to her otherwise you will have to wait like 5 minutes.

Dec 23, 2008
She's one of the bolder denizens of DragonSpyre, and can often be found brazenly strolling down the center of the streets.

If you have your Quest Arrow turned on, it'll usually lead you to her favorite spot. You may have to wait a few moments though -- If she's recently been defeated, it takes her a few moments to regain her courage enough to reappear in public.

Aug 09, 2009
Once you enter drake hatchery hang a left and then hang a right up the side street there and go to the end which she lead you to where she will be walking around