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where are the fire blossoms at

Nov 30, 2010
May 20, 2010
Fire Blossoms are found RARELY in the same place that Lava Lilies usually appear.

I've read that they can also be produced through gardening.

You may be able to find some at the Bazaar, but it's a matter of luck to do so.

Here is a map and guide to various reagents, from approved fansite Wizard101 Central:


When using this map, look for locations for Lava Lilies. Be aware that a Fire Blossom is a very rare find regardless. If you're going farming for Lava Lilies (and Fire Blossoms), you might look for a location that has two or three in a small area. You can search the given area and then go to another realm. Be aware that a LOT of other people are also farming, so it may take quite some time to get what you need.


If you get tired of farming Fire Blossoms, you can buy a Transmute Fire Blossom recipe from Balthazar Dragonthorn in the Atheneum. Each Fire Blossom requires 15 Lava Lilies, and of course the ability to craft the transmute (the ability to use the Card-Crafting Station). The cool-down time for all transmute recipes is only 5 seconds. Lava Lilies are considerably easier to find or to buy at the Bazaar, so you might find this to be easier than hoping to find a Fire Blossom.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
donshull6 wrote:
where are the fire blossoms

The fire lillies/fire blossoms can be found in the pools of lava in pretty much all the streets in DS.

Aug 06, 2010
Some spawn near Zeke in DS, some near the doorway to the Hatchery at the Necropolis (you have to go down the left ramp facing the doors) and by Ashley the tree, where you pick up the Obsidian chest quest.

Aug 06, 2010
Sorry - those locations are fire lillies - you will occassionally get a fire blossom with them...

But after collecting all the lillies, you can transmute them to fire blossoms.

Aug 23, 2010
I've transmuted the lava lillies to fire blossoms. I'm trying to craft a necklace but my equipment, housing, basic and card crafting tables tell me I cant craft the necklace there. What crafting table is needed? And where do I get it?