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Whats your favorite World? Mines Dragonspyre!

Dec 31, 2011
Randomperson16 wrote:
Hello there.

What are your favorite worlds? My favorite worlds are Dragonspyre and Mooshu. But Dragonspyre better because you fight malistare. And the clothing hehe. I however DO like Mooshu very much. Its very pretty and all. But easy to get pulled in fights like in cave of sulitude (Like Tataki Outpost! Mobs running on grass?.) While Dragonspyre had sidewalks....... (At least i think so, if so then Malistare Dungeon had none.) Also the Mobs on a small piece of a rock edge get annoying (Both Cave of Solitude and Malistare Dungeon)

Those are my reasons of my favorite worlds......

So hey, What is your favorite world?

Did i forget to say how something about Dragonspyre when im out of it, something attracts me to go back to Dragonspyre! 8)

Alura Mythshade level 50 Necromancer
Calamity OrgeBlossom level 31 Theurgist
Cheryl Trollcaster level 41 Pyromancer

My faverite world would have to be Dragonsprye. I just got to Drogonspyre just two days ago. And so far I think thst Dragonspyre would have to be the best place, because I am able to fight Knights and Wizards not just monsters. And I really like Dragonspyre because I can fight Malistair!

Level 45 Ice Wizard

Jun 24, 2010
I favor Marleybone, due to its multigenerational vibratory smoothness

Aug 03, 2009
Wow, I have not really thought about that, just go through the quests like nothing :P ill try to rank them ( good that i have been to all worlds )

1. mooshu this is my favorite world! i love all the designs in it and the clothing! I am OBSESSED with chinese/ japanese culture and i love everything! the only thing i shall complain about is how there is too many pigs/ bacon. i am always walking in hamestu village or whatever and then one of these guys walks on the sidewalk and pulls me over! ugh lol

2. krokotopia Suprising huh? I see people really dont like this world. well, i love it. i am not a fan for the clothes but i love all the
furniture items . just that i get caught easily... and its too easy

3. celestia once I helped my friend with a celestia quest he was on. so i marked in the base camp. whenever i need money, i port to the mark, go to the survey camp and fight the fire crabs. all i need to do is two blades and defeat them with a frost giant x yawn x and the drops are great! but the clothing, uh not my style.

4. dragonspyre I am currently on this world as i type. But its very hard with friends with no crowns or subscription, so i have to buy henchman, and that is pricy. but I like the dranocians, and malistare, and the clothes ( so cute ) i like this world

5. zafaria, i didnt spend much time in this world, just a few days for the same thing i'm doing now for celestia. One of my friends were able to go there and we battled with the rhino's 8). then i was not able to fight them anymore so i just fought the lions in the marketplace. i hope to go back soon.

6. Wizard city uh, for one, its too crowded and another thing its BORING! grey castles get a little noticable here, and its too cartoonish compared to the other worlds. but i like some of the clothing here, uh some, not all.

7. Marleybone Worst world evar in my taste. i love dogs but still there a little disturbing. plus you see them EVERYWHERE! always on missions in different worlds, theres a lot of them in krokotopia, and almost all the NPC people are dogs. i love them but a little too much dog? and also its way too dark, the fountian in regent's square i think i the brightest thing in marleybone! and not a fan of the sidewalks. but i like the cat thugs or whatever they are. I tried to rush through this world, and i did

hehe, i like explaining things, you made me think, that is a true accomplishment LOL :P

Fiona PixieDust, Level 49 Thamaturge (ice) currently in dragonspyre

Oct 19, 2010
My favorite Worlds .... .... .... .... .... ..... .... ..... .... ..... ..... .... ..... ..... ..... .....

1. Zafaria - So many awesome clothes! It makes you look like a TRUE level 70 wizard (Or 60 or 61 or whatever) It makes you feel super very excited when you unlock this amazingly cool world. I find it to be easy, but some people might find it the hardest world yet. Anyways, Good Luck on the tougher challenges!

2. Dragonspyre - It's my current world... but the clothes are AWESOME! I love everything about dragonspyre. What makes me glad is that before KI made Celestia and Zafaria, dragonspyre was the LAST world. So even though I need 2 more worlds, I still feel like a legendary. Malistaire is like in my top 10 reasons to like DragonSpyre. One word to describe DS: AWESOME.

3. Mooshu - The bacon - I mean pigs :P , are so cute and funny! I have to say though, too many bacon - I mean pigs :P strolling around. We need something to look at - besides bacon! :P :P :P :P

4. MarleyBone - Ok, sure, too many dogs, not even a single cat - besides Meowariaty. But listen, Arr, it's so hard when you think about it. But, I hate the sidewalks. Too many rats - and dogs ... :P Anyways, its my favorite cause the music - da da la la *Crash* Plates drop *Crash* Ok, enough with my singing lol :D.

5. Hmm... haven't thought about it... i will edit this when i remember LOL :D

~Emily IceBlood Level 45 Death

Current Location in the Spiral: DragonSpyre
Current place in DragonSpyre: Plaza of Conquests