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Whats your favorite World? Mines Dragonspyre!

Aug 10, 2011

What are your Favorite and Least Favorite Worlds? You can post Reasons too!

Here's Mine:

1. Dragonspyre:

Malistare, Clothing, Quests, XP, If it involves Dragonspyre in any way, its epic. 'Nuff Said.

2. Mooshu: Peaceful... I come here to relax.. Its all good except for Cave of Solitude and Shirataki Temple.

3. Wysteria

The first bit of it is Boring... But when i get to Tanglewood Way it isn't.... Helephant Towers seems Nice...

4. Wizard City

Of Course! The first place you start! Gotta have a love for Wizard City, eh? But..

-The Quests are Boring
-The Commons Daters....
-Mean People
-Low XP.. I expected that tho, its the First World.

5. Marleybone..

Most of you would put this as your Last world, am i right? Yes, it is Empty and Dreadful, but i like the Theme of it, and the Dogs and the Clothing!!! But the Cats Thugs... just... no...

6. Celestia.... .

Coolish. Bad Clothing. Sometimes Hard.... err... Thats it...

7. Zafaria...

I'm gonna just put it here because i havent been here... But i saw some Photos and Videos of it, and it seems really cool....

8. Krokotopia

OH, THE HORROR!!! Krokosphinx is boring everything is boring except those Manders!!!

9. Grizzleheim...

Low XP. I already know Wintertusk has High XP. Grizzleheim.... err.... yes.... the place before Wintertusk is how i see it. Thats it.

10. Wintertusk

I havent gotten there yet... I'm busy Dreading Grizzleheim.... but it seems Hard... but again, a really nice Theme...

Apr 19, 2010
Randomperson16 wrote:
Hello there.

What are your favorite worlds? My favorite worlds are Dragonspyre and mooshu. But Dragonspyre better because you fight malistare. And the clothing hehe. I DO like mooshu its very pretty and all. But easy to get pulled in fights like in cave of sulitude. While dragonspyre had sidewalks (at least i think so, if so then malistare dungeon thingy had none) ( Also the mobs on a small piece of a rock edge get annoying)

So hey, What is your favorite world?

I absolutely love Mooshu and Wintertusk for their music and graphics, but i still like mooshu better. ;)

Oct 08, 2009
i like mooshu because i like the idea of the jade oni plus i like ninjas

Alex StarBreeze
lv 61

Apr 20, 2009
I love love love LOVE DRAGONSPYRE!! The clothes especially, the lava, the darkness, malistare, the remains of the old, the eerie crypts, i love it all! Definitely KI's best best world! I miss DS.

Apr 24, 2011
Randomperson16 wrote:
Hello there.

What are your favorite worlds? My favorite worlds are Dragonspyre and mooshu. But Dragonspyre better because you fight malistare. And the clothing hehe. I DO like mooshu its very pretty and all. But easy to get pulled in fights like in cave of sulitude. While dragonspyre had sidewalks (at least i think so, if so then malistare dungeon thingy had none) ( Also the mobs on a small piece of a rock edge get annoying)

So hey, What is your favorite world?


Dec 13, 2008
my fave world is:
all of them(so far,im only in dragonspyre so far)

Oct 09, 2010
Ok love ds :-) but id have to say Wintertusk as my favorite.
Ds was a lot of fun my only problem was it a lot of pointless quest

Taylor Dragonheart
Legendary Sorcerer

Nov 23, 2008
I love Mooshu, Marleybone, Wysteria, Dragonspyre, Wizard City, and sadly, Dragonspyre. My Favorite world is Wysteria, only because the graphics, the way the schools are based, and in the Arena there, They have Portraits of other famous wizards. Can you make them out? I saw the Emperor or Mooshu, Merle Ambrose, Diego, and Malistare. Help me make them out. Happy Holidays!

Sep 05, 2011
avhop567 wrote:
Randomperson16 wrote:
Hello there.

What are your favorite worlds? My favorite worlds are Dragonspyre and mooshu. But Dragonspyre better because you fight malistare. And the clothing hehe. I DO like mooshu its very pretty and all. But easy to get pulled in fights like in cave of sulitude. While dragonspyre had sidewalks (at least i think so, if so then malistare dungeon thingy had none) ( Also the mobs on a small piece of a rock edge get annoying)

So hey, What is your favorite world?


Me too
Patrick Star level 67 pyromancer

Jan 22, 2011
1.Zafaria-love it!Cool,african and magical...excatly what i want!
2.Celestia-greatish!Love the graphics,music,everything!

3.Marleybone-England-like!I love England and so i heart Marleybone.

4.Mooshu-Calming and relaxing...even when you're fighting!Mooshu combines some of the things that i like mostly(dojos,ninjas,samurais etc.)

5.Wysteria-Great and cool graphics,but too short!

6.Grizzletusk-Tought i don't like the grendels,i like the graphics and storyline.

7.Dragonspyre-I like the graphics but it's so red everywhere and sad .It may be an ok world but it's too disturbing!

8.Wizard City-Ugh...Well...um...aaaaa...That's kinda all!

9.Krokotopia-Long,boring,awful,ugly,odd...too easy,a pushover...need to continue?

Jun 11, 2010
Hmm... I'd say:
1. MarleyBone (The clothes, the music, it is all splendid!)
2. DragonSpyre (The graphics for the sky is amazing, and also the clothes.)
3. MooShu (The peace, the tranquility, the ninja pigs that bounce when you hit them.)
4. Krokotopia (The music is awesome, but the clothes, are so-so on style.)
5. Wysteria and Wizard City (WC has to be somewhere!)
6. Grizzleheim (It's really hard, but cool!)
7. Celestia (Cool, but I hate the clothes.)

Apr 24, 2011
Marleybone, Krokotopia, Zafaria, and wintertusk.

heck there all good worlds :-)

Oct 03, 2011
Hey!! :-) my favourite worlds are:

1. Dragonspyre- love the monsters and storyline, but not Mallistaire!
2. MooShu- aaaaaah. MooShu, like the ninjas, music, design, and onis.
3. Celestia- like the design, sharks as well, and the characters!

Those are my three favourite worlds.

Samuel GhostHunter
Master Conjurer
Level 42

Feb 07, 2011
Randomperson16 wrote:
So hey, What is your favorite world?

Well, since you asked...


1. Dragonspyre: I love dark stuff, dragons, dilapidated old buildings, and Russian accents. Oh, and Malistaire is the greatest!

(Yeah, he's the evil overlord of death and all, but I love him to bits and pieces- when you take away the whole evil overlord thing, he's just a bitter old sap in denial.)

That whole arc was amazing; I still farm there at least once a week, and my heart breaks every time I watch that cinecam... *sob*


2. Wysteria: I was always a fan of the Potter series, and I love the Nightflame Pegasus mounts... So glad KI listened to us! :-D


3. Wizard City: happy and cheery, but not sickeningly so.



4. Krok: I love Egyptian mythology! I'm also a Balance wiz, so I may be a little biased here. :-P


5. Zafaria: Just got there yesterday, so haven't seen it all yet. One thing I don't like is that the crafting quest is disguised as a normal one- I *hate* crafting, and never would have taken it, had I known.


6. Grizzletusk (GH/WT): Norse mythology is awesome, but the many, many boss dungeons were kinda overkill. But hey, I got to be a bird for a few minutes, so it wasn't that bad. Of course, Jotun's dungeon was awful... few things in game are worse than Nidavellir.

On that note: Shadowsong (my Balance wizard) also wishes to inform KI that sharing a last name with Kol is the shiz. :-D



7. Celestia: I've never been a science girl, and CL made me realize just how much I hate defeat-and-collect quests. And, don't be fooled... "Star" is just Balance with astral spells and, if you are a sorcerer, most of those monsters will take forever to beat because they spam shields and resist EVERYTHING in your deck.

Only good thing about CS: I love Mithraya- she is epic-looking!


8. Mooshu: The map is all over the place, there are too many dungeons, and those freaking ninja pigs/water spirits that keep crossing over the sidewalk and dragging me into combat....

In one word: Getmeoutofherenaow.


9. Marleybone: I know I said I liked dark things, but MB was dark in all the wrong ways.... Dreary, depressing, annoyingly-repetitive and tedious. The only good part about this place is getting out of it.

Put simply, questing in Marleybone is like getting drained to 2 health by a great, nasty wraith; getting back out is the equivalent of killing said wraith with a criticaled, bladed, amped Ra a few seconds later. :-D


So yeah, those are mine~ can't wait to hear everyone else's!

Jul 25, 2010
Sep 03, 2011
I love Dragonspyre's story line, not so much the continuous on-slaught of towers.. But I enjoy the world all the same. Marleybone was one of my favorites, though Big Ben was a huge hassle for me. >__< Mooshu was great. I love Zafaria's graphics, and Wysteria was the most fun. Haven't been to Celestia or Wintertusk, so I can't say too much about that.
Grizzleheim was okay, things started getting better towards the end. :-)

.Alexis Crow - Level 46 Necromancer
.Jaqueline Drake - Level 17 Conjurer
.Roslyn Ward - Level 11 Diviner

Apr 22, 2011
i like dragonspyre and mooshu mooshu is peacful but dragonspyre is kinda hard my favorite out of those 2 is dragonspyre cause you get to fight malistare HE IS SO FUN and the clothing btu i only get the storm clothing :x

Sep 20, 2011
alright 9 marleybone is the worst the most annoying world ever ok my friend took me there and said enjoy mb ist awesome liar i say liar 8 wizard city is really bad ok the best thing is ravenwood i lean my spells and hang out with friends so boring 7 wysteria ok the tournament is fun but thats all the rest sucks the headmistress is a smart aleck the rest is is just boring 6 krok ok i was happy to get away from wizard city but then i get to some thing still not good too long too boring 5 grizzleheim and wintertusk it would be higher if it gave more xp dont get me wrong its a fun awesome worlds the viking experience wintertusk is the best though 4 celestia i love the new spells the scientific is great just a fun world enough said 3 zafaria its really fun the african culture is so cool and so much fun one of the coolest worlds 2 dragonspyre is my world the dragons lava anchient ruins malistaire a little annoying but awesome 1 to me the best world mooshu i love japenese culture love the warlike oni the jade oni death and plague too fun but my favs are the ninjas but i am the biggest fan of samurai and samoorai by far the best world ever the music everything mooshu you rock :-D :-D :-)

Dec 25, 2010
My favorite worlds are probably Marleybone and Dragonspyre. I just like the dark scheme in Marleybone and in Dragonspyre. I also have fire as my secondary so that is nice. There are lots of stars in Marleybone and I like both Dragons and Dogs a lot.

those are my reasons that they are my fav. worlds.

~Alexis DeathWhisper-lvl 37 death wizard. 8)

Jun 04, 2011
These are my fav worlds in Wizard 101. ( most wizards wont agree with me on marleybone :P )

1. Mooshu. I love the battle music and the onis! They are so fun to fight!
2. Dragonspyre. I love the Malistaire stuff and more epic battle music! :)
3. Celestia. MORE EPIC BATTLE MUSIC! Also Mithraya looks epic. Plus all the astral stuff. Also introduces Morganthe.
4. Marleybone. MORE EPIC BATTLE MUSIC :D. I love the cats stuff also the rats. Also i've always been a dog person :)
5. Zafaria. I love the African culture its so cool. Plus more Morganthe stuff.
6. Wintertusk. I love the nastrond dungeon. Also with the four brothers of Ymir.
7. Wysteria. The battle music is ok but you gotta love the tower of helephant dungeon :).
8. Grizzleheim. You do way too much work and you hardly get a reward. Plus when you beat jotun you get like only 590 xp points :( . But you gotta love the medieval stuff.
9. Krokotopia. Old. crusty like grandmas boogers XD, so x shivers x ugly
10. Wizard City. Noobish ( and i know i was once in Wizard City and i hated it! ) But waterworks dungeon is epic.

Justin Ice caller Transcended Thaumaturge Currently bored for no more worlds
Blaze Stormhammer Master diviner ( level 41 ) Currently in DS

Sep 14, 2010
Feb 12, 2012
dragonspyre for sure for those of you who have finished and miss the world remember you can awlays go back to visit! and most of you probably still have quests there doing dungeons again DS is the best world because you get to fight malistaire and professor cyrus finally starts being nice and stops trying to get you expelled! (cyclops lane quest line reference) so yes dragonspyre is my faovirte world next to zafaria wich is my second favorite because the surroundings remind me of my favorite movie the lion king and thats why dragonspyre and zafaria are my favorite worlds

Jul 08, 2010
Hmm I actually haven't done Grizzletusk yet(I did some of Grizzleheim but haven't gotten to Wintertusk yet sooo I'm rating Grizzletusk mostly on looks and what I think of it so far.)

1) Celestia
Underwater/astral theme is so EPIC! I absolutely adored Celestia! I loved the looks, the quests, the spells, the storyline, but I didn't really like the outfits that much, although that's a small price to pay for it's awesomeness!
It's so relaxing and calming and the outfits are amazing! I love it! Plus every time I go to Mooshu I feel like I'm a ninja, quiet and stealthy poised for the right moment to strike. Oohhh I get chills just thinking about it. I can't wait to get my Sorceress out of Krokotopia and Marleybone!
3)Wizard City
Most of you are probably surprised by this but I love Wizard City. When I go there, I think to myself, 'Ahh home sweet home!', and it has everything, Waterworks, Pet Pavilion, Pvp,the loved Bazarr(<is that how you spell it?lol) and the scenery is really pretty if you ask me. I don't really mind that it's a 'world of noobs' as some call it.
I love Wysteria! The schools and the rivalry is realllllyyyyy awesome if you ask me and even though it was really quick and easy I enjoyed it very much. It was only easy because it came out when I was a Grandmaster, so I pretty much zoomed through it. Their storyline was really good, and their school names are cooler versions of Ravenwood's school names sadly.
African theme is great, not the best however. The outfits are really bad because KI has gotten the idea that all hats should apparently cover your face. I haven't seen my hair open since Dragonspyre.-.- I don't really like the storyline so far but it's an okay world.
Haven't gotten through it that much so that's why it's number six but so far, I really love the storyline and the whole theme with bears and mysterious places. I love how it's setting is in the woods and when I go there it just makes me feel so magical. It would probably be higher up but seeing as I barely started it I can't judge much.
It's much too dark and eerie for my taste and it kind of annoys me but the Malistaire storyline warms up there so I actually do like it but JUST because of the annoying setting and darkness, it's down low in my list.
I really don't like Krokotopia. The Egyptian theme was okay but the storyline is so BORING. I never like historical storylines much and I don't really know why. I can't wait to get my Sorceress out of there! Although next up is Marleybone so I'm not that hyped up about getting her out...
I despise Marleybone with all my heart although I have a soft spot for the outfits because they're kind of cute, but that's it. The England theme is okay and I have nothing against animals, in fact I love that part but I hate going into Big Ben, and getting pulled into battles just because of how the roads are created, and there are so many dungeons that take forever! Ugh! Just thinking about it makes me feel horrible about sending my Sorceress there.

-Kayla- Legendary Diviner- Level 64
-Kiley Dreamer- Journeygirl Sorceress- Level 18

"You try you fail, you try you fail, but true failure only occurs when you stop trying."

Feb 15, 2010
I love dragonspyre also and I love their clothes :))
Cl is epic cause it has to do with a lot of cool quests and side quests :)

Apr 09, 2011

Mooshu I completely adore Mooshu. I love how bright it is and how it always feels like a sunny day. The enemies are fabulous, the story lines are interesting and while getting sucked into battles can be a bit of a drawback, the enemies are very manageable. Hate the water spirits or whatever they're called though and the Cave is Solitude is memorable in that it's unbearably awful.

Wizard City While I can't even stand coming into the Commons because the client slows WAY WAY down due to the enormous volume of people (regardless of realm), it is the central hub of the spiral for me and also just "home sweet home." I just love the themed streets and the accessibility to everything important. The bazaar especially. I never was one to like pet training but recently I've started getting more into it so I spend a great deal of time in Wizard City with my transcended Necromancer (and first wizard) while I impatiently wait for the level cap to be increased (I figure there's no point going to Zafaria only to lose ALL that experience... not to say I'm not dying to progress).

Zafaria While I stated above that I haven't made much progress there, the little experiences I've had there have been SO fun. While the enemies are more powerful and it takes longer to beat them, I still just love everything about it! I went to Africa (Tanzania) over this last summer and it makes me so nostalgic to play this realm. It is like living my vacation over again.


Dragonspyre I honestly hated this world. It was dark and dreary and just so dry. The story line bored me to death and I felt like I spent the ENTIRE world just battling, running from dungeon to dungeon. AND I hate that you can't teleport into them (I'm aware this occurs in other worlds too, but I find that Dragonspyre makes this the most frustrating). And I especially HATE HATE HATE the stone roses, oh my lord.

Celestia Not only is this world incredibly long with horrific enemies BUT the Zeke quest sucks AND this can easily be nicknamed "did not collect." My boyfriend and I must have spent DAYS in the district of the stars defeating the sharks to try to collect six or less of whatever was necessary to collect. We probably battled 40+ times and in most cases neither of us collected a single thing. We hated it from the get go and it just kept on going... We were THRILLED to be done.

Marleybone This was the most depressing for me. I was STOKED to get to Marleybone for the fabulous clothes and interesting storyline and adorable dog characters. Turns out the entire world is a labyrinth of nonsense. I hate that you are CONSTANTLY sucked into battles as theres no defined area to walk outside of them. The enemies are terrible and Kensington Park is ENTIRELY too difficult for the level you're at. I just completely detested this world and I am always so upset to have to play it again although not nearly as much as when it comes to Celestia.

Can't wait to hear everyone else's favorites and least favorites :)

Calamity Moonshade, Level 70 Transcended Necromancer
Fiona Bane, Level 46 Master Sorcerer
Rachel Owlbright, Level 23 Adept Conjurer
Scarlett Rubyshard, Level 8 Apprentice Pyromancer