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What spells have u gotten from Loremaster?

Aug 30, 2011
I got krampus on my 27th try also got goat monk and catalan. I want savage paw,weaver and lord of night

Richard Swiftflame level 95 wizard

Mar 19, 2011
I have dueled the Loremaster hundreds of times with two wizards and NEVER got a dropped spell. I want the Loremaster spell Soo Bad!

Dec 09, 2009
My first run ever I got the Savage Paw spell. Ran about 10 more after and didn't get anything. Tossed about 500 crowns into the chest and got nothing.

In my opinion this is a great boss to farm. Easy battle and even if she doesn't drop a spell for you, she does drop great treasure cards and good gear to sell for gold. It's a win win.

Jul 29, 2009
On my mage I got Luminous Weaver after about 20~25 tries, nothing since.
My mage got Handsome Fomori on my 2nd fight and Catalan about 30-ish later. About 2 weeks after that Goat Monk and a few hours later Loremaster, and just last week I got Lord of Night and then Winter Moon 2 days later.(started farming Loremaster a couple months ago and stopped counting my attempts after the first week as I was well into 300+ attempts).

Oct 27, 2013
depends on your luck. my friend got deer knight from the loremaster and battled her like 9 times. my other friend got goat monk and battled her 63 times.

you're 4x more likely to get the tc form than the real spell

Oct 21, 2012
I'm very glad for everyone who has gotten spells but sadly I'm in the over 200 tries and no permanent spells dropped or from the chest. I read the forums and see a lot of wizards getting good drops first or second tries and I wish in their post they would put if they are "yearly memberships", "monthly memberships", "crown players". I've never been a yearly member, I just pay by the month since I'm max level and I'm just wondering if yearly has an advantage.

Michael Frogslinger level 95

Dec 26, 2012
Professor Greyrose on Sep 17, 2013 wrote:
Both. You can earn Treasure Cards, but there's also a chance you will earn the full Spellcard version of the spell that you can place in your deck like any other card.

Spells learned through packs or from the Loremaster are not removed when you sell back your spells for Training Points.
Professor, what are the chances of getting spells from your own class from Loremaster? And how many spells total does Loremaster drop?

May 02, 2012
SoupWizard64 on Sep 17, 2013 wrote:
Could someone answer?
You can get both.

Jul 29, 2009
Life Druid on Feb 9, 2014 wrote:
Professor, what are the chances of getting spells from your own class from Loremaster? And how many spells total does Loremaster drop?
They will not answer about chances, I asked as well, see here: https://www.wizard101.com/forum/dragonspyre/loremaster-spell-list-and-drop-rates.
As for how many spells in total, it seems as though the current number is 14(the 12 craft-able spells + loremaster and + krampus) see here: http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Creature:Loremaster.

Jan 04, 2011
I went on there and I finally got what I needed. As I bought the recipe from Avalon for Deer Knight I did not need it as I got it from her. I am happy I did and hope to get a couple on my other character which is storm.

Oct 30, 2011
I have been fighting the loremaster for over 2 weeks straight, usually a few hours a day. Today alone, I've put in around 10 hours, but no spells on either character I've been farming with. So far, I've gotten 9 spells on both characters combined. On my storm, catalan, lord of night, keeper of the flames, loremaster, and samoorai. On my balance, savage paw, keeper of the flames, lord of night, and deer knight. My balance needs loremaster extremely badly, but I just cannot get it. On my balance, I have not gotten a spell since the first few days of farming. It is honestly ridiculous how low the drop rates are. It has to be something like 1/100-200. I have been farming with other people most of the time, and I've only seen them get 2-3 spells, even less than I have. Are the drop rates actually this low, or is the Loremaster just defying probability?

Dec 04, 2009
i hate farming her it takes forever to beat her it's so annoying!!! so far on my balance wizard i got krampus and i my death wizard i got keeper of the flames but before that on my balance i tried beating koto and other mooshu bosses it's easier to get the spell i got ninja pigs from koto. don't waste your time on beating loremaster takes forever because of the fonts and is a waste of time by the time you get one lame spell the oposite of what you want you could beat marelybone 5 times, don't waste your time. i really wanted deer knight

PS: there are 14 spells that you could get from her these are the spells you get from her
catalan, lord of knight, deer knight, keeper of the flames, brimstone revenant, samorai, goat monk, ninja pigs, winter moon, handsome fomori, savage paw, luminous weaver, and krampus

most wizard say krampus is the most common card to get from her and deer knight or loremaster are the hardest to get.

you could also craft some of the spell but you need to be high level crafter a lot of money (about 60 thousand) and rare regrants which aren't easy to find and will cost a lot of money some regreants can't be bought for how rare they are you need to find them plant things or beat certain enemies to get them.
hope this helped

May 15, 2010
I got brimstone revenant after like 100 tries or so All i want is the krampus spell and i am do you guys know how i can get a better chance for getting spells from Loremaster.

Jul 21, 2012
Blaze Sandblade on Oct 6, 2013 wrote:
I'm a balance wizard with myth mastery... I envy what you got, I got nothing...
I am also a balance. Farmed her 7 days straight and got nothing. What really bothers me is that my friend did it the first day and got a loemaster on the first try. Kingsisle should increase the drop rate of the spells X,x

Angel Breeze
Angel Nightfinder
Angel Blood

May 28, 2013
Hopefully Professor Greyrose or someone else who knows sees this. I was wondering if Loremaster still drops Krampus spell or was it just during Christmas. Been trying for hours and nothing and someone told me she doesn't. Clarification would be of great help right now.

Noah Ashthistle on Mar 7, 2014 wrote:
Hopefully Professor Greyrose or someone else who knows sees this. I was wondering if Loremaster still drops Krampus spell or was it just during Christmas. Been trying for hours and nothing and someone told me she doesn't. Clarification would be of great help right now.
Asked and answered in this thread:


Yes Krampus will be available from the Loremaster all year round.

Aug 18, 2012
I got one spell from the Loremaster and it was savage paw

Nov 20, 2009
Hi all. I've been farming her for three weeks straight (not even questing, just farming her) and only got Loremaster spell. I'm a level 92 death wizard and want the death spells so bad. I have the recipes and am trying to craft them as well but that is also a crazy amount of time getting the reagents and other stuff. Honestly, I don't know which is worse the farming or crafting because I put in some MAJOR hours. I hope KI sees this so maybe they will put a limit on it or something. Like if you fight her 90 times on the last time you get a spell (preferably your school).I love this game, I just don't want to be exhausted anymore. But, good luck to everyone, if you get these spells then, WOOHOO! Cel-e-brate good times, come on. Every one around the world, come on.
*This shows my age lol.
**Those that don't know it- Kool and the Gang, celebration.

Aug 28, 2013
I have been trying for a couple months over and over again and got one winter moon for my storm wizard, while my friends, 2 of them get he spells the want on their first 10 tries!

Jul 12, 2009
I've battled for about 150 hours, not one spell. Everyone says they get at least one by their second or third day... nope! Over one week, not one! I have gotten Catalan and Samoorai, Card pack and a different boss, respectively, but none from the loremaster. Just not lucky?

Aug 23, 2011
Stormgem307 on Aug 9, 2013 wrote:
So far I got none O_o... How about u guys? Any luck? How many tries did it take u to get a spell from the Loremaster ? Did u get the spell u wanted? Discuss your experience!!! I only tried like 4 times lol
I have tried about 75+ times and nothing I am really really frustrated.

Mar 03, 2012
I have farmed Loremaster for two weeks, five times a day and I got none. Not as bad as my friend who has been farming for 7 months without a spell. I'm hoping to get Loremaster or Savage Paw soon.

Feb 05, 2011
It took me an entire day to get one spell: Brimstone Revenant
I was farming for Goat Monk and Luminous Weaver. I hope you have better luck than I did!
Jared Shadowbreaker
Level 99 Life

Jun 19, 2010
I've farmed Loremaster, and now have 10 out of 14 Loremaster Spells. 7 spells were dropped; and 3 were crafted when Loremaster was mean and refused to share.

Spells Dropped:
Brimstone Revenant, Goat Monk, Krampus, Lord of Night, Luminous Weaver, Ninja Pigs, and Winter Moon

Crafted Spells:
Catalan, Deer Knight, and Loremaster

Remaining Spells to Obtain:
Handsome Fomori, Keeper of the Flame, Savage Paw, and Samoorai

Because I want all the spells, I will continue to craft and battle Loremaster.

Sep 08, 2013
i only have loremaster deer knight and krampus