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What is after Cinder?

May 09, 2009
Finished the cinder quest and the other person in Crystal Grove and now cant move on. I have no more quests. I know i missed something but not sure what. I havent even fought Humunculus yet can someone help me with this. Seems I have ran all over DS looking and cant find anything i missed. Thanks!

Aug 20, 2009
There should be another quest giver in the other crystal area that has you squash spider eggs then to defeat a queen spider.

I did the egg squashing but have not been able to beat the queen yet.

Aug 09, 2009
Sorry you seem to have gotten a little lost with your quest. the other post is correct about going to the other crystal grove where there it will start with squishing spiders. As far as Humunculus, that is actually a side quest. There is a dragon named sunbrand that you need to talk to in drake hatchery. He will get you going on the quest to fight Humunculus, Avalanche and Ivan Soulsinger which you can get swords from each of them. Good luck, hope this helps.