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WARNING for Those that Quest More than One

Jun 29, 2009
MODERATORS, this is not a "spoiler." It is an easily overlooked small programming requirement that has nothing to do with beating the chamber or fulfilling the quest.

The Labyrinth requires that you MUST "step" into the Dean's chamber (do not just port your other character(s) in) or you will be doing it again (and again for those other quest(s) that require it). It appears that "Finding the Dean" requires this simple pass over of a certain spot in the chamber. Just a programming glitch/requirement that is a bit too nitpicky.

Mar 07, 2009
ha, ha i have noticed that before in 08, but it has been fixed before, but then un fixed, (no clue how). like one time for death oni, i teleported to my friend on the other side, and i still had the same quest when i was over one where i was suppose to be. so morden, i agree. and monters PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ do something! people are getting angry, and crying over this ( like my little sister). so the bug needs to be delt with. youve done it before, so why not doing it again.

lvl:48 necromancer

Mar 19, 2009
I have not noticed this, do you guys play Wiz101 on a Mac. That may be the problem because none of the two computers I play on have experianced that. Both of them I have done the Labyrinth on.