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Wands shop in DS

Dec 09, 2008
This may seem to be an odd question, but i just got into DS and am pretty excited. I went to the shops, but when i went into the place that said it was the DS wand shop, boot shop, robe shop, and hat shop, there were no wands!

How do i get to the wand shop in DS? is there even a wand shop there?

Dec 21, 2008
i am in mooshu right now , but i have been in ds a couple of times( a LOT!) I have a marker near the pet shop there. There actually is no wand shop in ds. i dont know why they have that sign for wands there. maybe because mostly everybody there are spirits so the dont need wands!

Thomas Moon
Life Wizard

Mar 10, 2009
sorry, but there is no wand or amulet shop in dragonspyer but you can get high damage wands from boss drops or the bazar in wizard city