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Valeska Redwind and the storm ring

May 31, 2009
Hello, I have been farming Redwind for many days now. I have several of her swords, BUT when i looked on my sheet of paper here it says she is suppose to drop the "school" storm ring. I have gotten several ring drops from her but nothing that looks as good as Gurtox and Firebender drops.
My question, Does she drop a school ring for storm? If she does can you tell me if the Gurtox one is better......
Perhaps the game moved all the rings and daggers to Gurtox and firebender in Malistaires lair, I dont know. If you have any insight on this I would appreciate your input.
Also I think when a drop does not occur, if it is brought to the games attention, they do something to make it drop better in the future. Reason I say this, I farmed Redwind for 3 weeks and no sword. When i came on here and asked about it , then all of a sudden I now have about 5 of her swords.
The drops occur better now. Every afternoon I would come online and fight Redwind with no sword drop for about 3 weeks. Now I got 4 just this weekend.

May 20, 2010
Redwind's Shocking Ring is considered to be the best Storm school Ring for level 45 players. It's not as good as the Grandmaster rings you can get from Gurtok or Briskbreeze Tower. If you get tired of farming that, you might try the Ring of the Harpy, which you can buy at the Bazaar.

May 31, 2009