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Upset in Dragonspyre, received NO deck!

Feb 07, 2009
I just finished the level last quest which the crystal guide in The Necropolis, gives you a new deck with the word "dragon" in it I believe. I was pretty excited to finally get a new deck, but when I finished talking to her, my new deck was nowhere to be found. My backpack was NOT full, I looked in my chat box and it said that I have received it. I don't understand?! Where is my new deck :( someone said that I could buy it but I shouldn't have to buy something that I worked for. Someone help meee!!

No need to be upset, young Wizard. Just contact Mr Lincoln and he'll investigate as to where that deck went to.

Send him a polite email explaining what happened to support@wizard101.com, he'll look into it and find out what happened.