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Treasure card vendor

Jun 01, 2009
is there a treasure card vendor in DS for that matter is there one in marley bone or mooshu? and is it possible to buy the monsterous enchant card ?

Feb 01, 2009
wow there is a monstrous card? is it like tough or strong but way better? i never knew that. and as far as i know the only treasure card recipes are from the trees in ravenwood, krokosphinx, and nightside. sry for not posting anything useful lol
paul fireward, master pyrmoancer

There are some very rare chances to get this card when defeating monsters in the world. Our fan sites may have summaries of where people have found certain cards dropped from monsters in the world.

The Eye of Bartleby Booster Pack gives you a rare chance to get this card as well. Usually a booster pack version of a treasure card has something (perhaps accuracy, perhaps damage amount, or something else) that is a bit better than the regular version of the treasure card.