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Towers To Long and Hard?

Jan 12, 2009
if you are having the same problem with the dragonspyre towers, best wait for a friend who has already done the tower you need help with, because the towers are to hard for some people

Mar 03, 2009
I believe this is just their way of emphasizing the importance of friends. I know of at least two towers that this would be true of so far. The first one, I waited for a friend, the second I did on my own and only had a little bit of trouble with a three on one fight (Scarecrow was quite useful for taking out two at once and putting me close to max health from the brink of defeat). I find them reminiscent of the counterweights and Big Ben from Marleybone in how you just want them to be over with already.

Oct 03, 2008
I'd have to agree with this. Although I was able to solo the towers easy enough, that's due to me being a death wizard with plenty of patience ( my patience is being really tested with Malistaire right now; 20 runs and no robes ). Wizards who can't end the battles in these towers with almost full health will have a really hard time getting to the end, especially the ones with bosses at the end.

Jun 22, 2008
Speaking of towers, I'm stuck on the unused vault tower. I have no gold to spend my money on and all my healing treasure cards are all used up from past towers. If anyone knows how many floors it has and what kind of creatures are in it , that would be great. :)
Justin Stormhunter
lv 46 Thaughmaturge

Dec 21, 2008
The vaults in Grand Chasam are about 7 floors with a boss at the end. Most of the monsters are storm (as I remember it, though I'm sure the vaults vary some). I did them solo, but I am life. My fights take longer, but I rarely get defeted.

Kiera UnicornWhisper

Jun 04, 2008