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Tower of War made a Dungeon

Apr 22, 2009
Is there any way the Tower of War could be labeled as a Dungeon? The only reason I ask is because the first time i tried to do it, i didn't realize that it took so long and when i had to leave i lost all my progress. I realize it is an instance, but if it were a dungeon it would let you know how long it takes. I just got a little frustrated because I made it to the fourth floor and then lost all my work.

Edit: I realize now that I made it to the top, that it isn't a Dungeon because there isn't a boss at the top. But maybe just something so we know how long it takes.

Also, (I have this somewhere else) it says when you enter a Dungeon if you log out or leave for more than 30 minutes you lose all your work, but I have lost connection on a Dungeon and had to restart the game because of the lost connection and lost all my work, when I was NOT gone for 30 minutes. Anyway an admin or someone could explain EXACTLY how the 30 minute rule thing works?

Sarai Dragonstone
Lvl45 Ice/Storm

From the Player's Guide:

Logging out, leaving through the Dungeon entrance, or going to another dungeon will reset the Dungeon you started. Leaving any other way gives you 30 minutes to return before it resets.

Sadly, losing connection is technically viewed in the same way as logging out, so that would immediately reset the dungeon.

Sorry :(

Apr 22, 2009