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Tips for The Great Spyre

Apr 28, 2010
Many people think The Great Spyre is super hard but its not. Yes it is impossible to solo because of the crystals (read farther through walkthrough to understand) but you only need two people you will see how in the walkthrough. Although all fights can be avoided the bosses are worth fighting for their items but if you do not want to mark your position go to battle flee port to mark and sneek through the edge if you are in a group have the others walk by you flee and port to them. When you enter, follow the path then go down some chains then you will end in another path, when there walk to the door. it opens to an area called the Path of Scales you avoid fights easily by walking far from enemies there is also the history book where the Feral Lavalings are so read it before moving on, there is also a ramp where a building is i dont know what it is for. Back in the Great Spyre are some enemies you will get pulled to battle so use the strategy i said before because these are not worth fighting, after that follow the path which leads to the Volcano Elevator which takes you between the Lower Great Spyre and the Upper Great Spyre. Up here are two platforms and the door to the Crown of Fire, when you approach the door it says "door is lock" to unlock it you must light three crystal in about 30 seconds from lighting one which is impossible to do alone because you must walk through long parts but a way to do it with just two people is to tell someone to light the crystal when they tell them to then go to a crystal mark your position then go to the last crystal tell your friend to light it do it your self port to the mark and light that crystal and the door unlocks, the crystals are in the two sides of the area and at the south which is accessed by Dragon's Maw or The Howling Cave, after the crystals are lit go over to Malistaire's Lair. Once inside you will be dismounted keep walking until you see a door with a Decaying Blackguard on each side you must beat each other by at least one minute which is possible if you have your best damage spell at least two copies and all your blades and traps of the school you are attacking with (if you are Ice put Ice Prism on your deck because the enemies are Ice). After both die the door opens and you walk over to the room where four Soul Serveants are you must defeat them then malistaire appears as an NPC with text chat then appears Cyrus Drake and they have a conversation different than normal because they use chat bubbles. After the conversation Malistaire comes with three more Soul Serveants he is easier than you think and very fast especially if there are more people and someone is Life, Storm, Balance or Death with a lot of converts. You could kill Malistaire and his minions in one shot without taking any damage if there is Death, Balance and Storm.
Optional activity: In Dragon's Maw is a boss called Tumok Gravelbeard he is a rock cyclops that has amazing drops he drops Grandmaster hats and shoes for every school and two Crowns pets: Earthwalker and Red Gobler

Hope this helped you.
Gabriel StarCatcher, Grandmaster Theurgist