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The Only Boss?

Jan 28, 2009
Well I haven't yet gotten to Malistaire. I am almost there though. Anyways on topic here. From what I see and hear Malistaire is the only boss to drop items that are actually really good.

As in really good I mean that give you cards and lots of health. My friend Dakota had a robe from Malistaire and it gave you Earthquake and tons of good stuff for Myth. I'm Life so I didn't care much, though I know that Malistaire drops items for all schools.

So I was wondering maybe some Masters or Grand Masters who have done a lot of farming might know that answer to this question, "Is Malistaire the only boss that drops good items* that come with cards?"

* Items as in robes pets and wands don't count

Esmee Griffinleaf, Level 48, Life

Dec 30, 2008

Esmee Griffinleaf, Level 48, Life

yer lvl 48 can you tell me where to find the sword wand fore fire?i've been searching but got no answer yet but ya might not know since yer life. but if ya know which boss tell me. but life is a spirit and fire is an element so. but if ya know where i'm joshua emerald haven lvl 33 and counting.

May 02, 2009
Well from when I fought mallistaire when I was if I remember correctly close to Magus, I got His purgatory robe, Level 50 and Life school only, it gives health, some attack and defence boost, I think some accuracy boost, and a Centaur card.

So as far as I know, Mallistaire does drop items for all the schools, you just never know which item your gonna get from him.

Seth ShadowCloud
LV. 32(almost LV.33)Pyromancer
currently second rank in PVP(highest is the fourth rank)
Helpful friend
Jade Oni pet
Been to all worlds

P.S. In my opinion, the Gurtok Demon was tougher than Mallistaire, and the demon is rank 9 of balance.