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The Nathaniel Goldenflame Case

Apr 27, 2013
Listen, I'm an avid W101 player, but today something happened that is still freaking me out.

I ran to Dragonspyre, hoping to defeat the Storm Lord. I'm in the Bascilla, and there are a few people standing downwards from the Spiral Gate. One of them, Nathaniel GoldenFlame, starts talking to me, pleading with me not to leave. He tells me that I must remember him, that we fought Malistaire together. I've never fought Malistaire. I'm only level 47, and barely starting Dragonspyre. This isn't too important - just a case of mistaken identity, I assumed.

I look around, and notice that the five or so people all teleport somewhere at the same time. I don't take much notice.

He starts begging me, pleading for me to tell him that I remember. I don't, and tell him as much. He goes silent. Suddenly, he rapidly backs up, and says, "I'm sorry for distracting you, I had to do it."

I'm really confused, and start asking questions - he just teleports away. I try to friend him, and he accepts. I say "Please tell me what's going on, why did you have to distract me? Who are you protecting? Who are you?"

He just unfriends me, and then says, "I can't tell you. Gotta go."

I'm presumably blocked now, as he hasn't answered any further messages.

If any of you see him, please ask him about this. At the time of this post, all the data below is correct.

Name: Nathaniel GoldenFlame
School: Fire
Wand: Glittering Dragon Lance
Pet: Baby Infernozilla

Do you think this was some weird joke? Where do you think he and everyone else teleported to? Who do you think he was covering for? If this was random, why choose me?


Sabrina StormFlower

Jul 02, 2012
Noting that those players all teleported away around the same time seems suspicious. And the fact that Mr. GoldenFlame there says, "...I had to do it," is definitely fishy. I think it was just a prank.

Jun 06, 2009
That is definitely weird it was probably just some elaborate joke for youtube or something but as long as you didn't give him anything personal or anything he can use against you i dont' think you need to worry about anything

Apr 27, 2013
Thanks, both of you! :-)

You're probably right, just some weird prank.

Nov 02, 2009
Pleading with you not to leave is normal but the other things are not normal. I think it was a dumb joke for youtube (as someone else points out) and you should turn chat off so other things like what happened does not happen again.