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The History of Dragonspyre.

May 15, 2009
I was wondering if perhaps a professor or another student has a copy of the fall of dragonspyre?

i am writing a report (a fanfiction story) for Professor Balestrom on the History of one of out greatest rivals, but i am lacking information about events leading towards the end of Dragonspyre.

For example: When did the war with the dragon titan first start?

I have tried speaking to Milos Bookwyrm on possibly lending me a couple reading crystals to get the information, but thus far he has been adamantly refusing my requests.

This is frustrating as i always strive to earn the best grades I can,but it seems this task is impossible.

I have searched the Wizard City archives, the Krokotopian ancient scrolls, even the Marleybone National Library and still have had very little luck getting more information.

I even tried searching this vast cache of information that people of earth call the "internet", but i have gotten no information that i am searching for.

all i could find were "quest guides" whatever that means.

So any information would be greatly appreciated.

~Sincerely yours,
Samuel Dragonsword, Studying Diviner

Feb 17, 2012
Look on W101 central. Plenty of info there!