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The Great Spyre Solo Expedition

May 16, 2009
I have very few complaints about this game. I began playing with my son a few months ago, and now I am Lvl 50 Pyro, trying to help my son level up. So, obviously, i really like Wizard 101. Anyway, I am now on the last quest, the Great Spyre. I have solo'ed almost the entire game, with a few unintended exceptions. I am now trying to solo this last great dungeon, but I believe, at least for me, that it is impossible. I cant get past the very first battle, with the 2 Lavalings and the 2 Flame guys. 4 on 1!!! Who's idea was that? If i was lucky enough to have 3 friends, it would be 4 on 4, but since I am not, 4 on 1?! Not exactly fair. Also, I have played now about 8 times, and every time the advantage goes to my opponents, ie they get to go first, which means I have to pick my spell prior to 4 monsters attacking me. Very difficult to predict. I spend almost all my time trying to heal myself. It does not help that I am fire wizard, which means my spells are practically useless against these fire monsters, unless I get lucky enough to actually get a fire prism cast before they cast their Ice Shields. Agggh! Another thing, kind of a general gripe, is why fire monsters can have so many mutated storm spells? Its like they have two primary schools. But it is even more unfair than that, since they are using storm spells under fire rules, which means they get better cast percentage, and they get to use their power pips to cast them, and they get to inflict major damage with less pips (ie Stormzilla = 5 pips, instead of the less powerful Helefant = 6 pips.). Very frustrating. They also seem to have unlimited spell copies in their decks. Finally, how is their resistance so high? I think I have a pretty good selection of clothes and items and my resistance is only 25%. These guys all seem to be 50-60% resistant. I guess basically I think everyone should have to play by the same rules. I am the highest ranking fire wizard, and I dont have the stuff these Rank 8 monsters have. In fact, I have gone through the entire game and dont think I have come across more than one mutate lava shark or fire kraken or firezilla, but somehow they manage to hit me with about 20 of these spells! I have spent a lot of money on this game, and it is very disheartening that I cant have a fair fight, or a fair chance of winning without help.

Now that I have vented, I may need some help with this quest. If there is anyone out there who would like to lend a helping hand, I would be grateful. My name is Jesse Mistwalker, I am in Sunbird realm (i think) and am usually on around midnight Central Time. I am fire, with Life and Death.

May 14, 2009
I completely agree. I have also soloed almost the entire game but can't get past the first battle in the Great Spyre either.
Why can't these quests be set for solo players and if there are more players, then more bad guys join in the fight?

Jul 06, 2009
OK fellow wizards here is how ya do it, make sure your health bottles are full, all three. obviously have all your mana and health up, before entering into battle click "mark your spot" good idea to have at 200 mana before doing all this as it uses mana to mark and of course you need it for battle, check your opponents and fix your hand to do best against them, now once in battle focus on just ONE smaller enemy and try to eleminate it. If successful in defeating one or even two enemy..... and you will be defeated... be sure to mana up and health up somewhere before going back...now port back to your marked spot..... "mark your spot" AGAIN !! now continue on in and only the remaining bad guys will be less the one you defeated, you follow? this can be done in ANY dungeon, Ive used it successfully many times, just dont forget to power up and mark your spot .
Thanks hope this helps.

Jul 21, 2009
@jtbesquire: I have the exact same story as you do my brother... I started playing to help my 6 year old son level up and now I play as much or more than he does! We also have have a Master Pyromancer... Just half a level from becoming Grand Master, and I wanted to share some tips with you that've helped us defeat other fire creatures.

The single best tip I can give you, is to go buy a nice Ice wand/staff. I never thought to do it til I read somewhere in the forums another fellow Pyromancer suggested it, and man, what a difference! Say the fire monster you're facing puts up an ice shield... You use one of your Ice wand spells and poof! No more ice shield! Then you can get the fire prism on. Another beautiful thing about an Ice wand, is it doesn't waist fire traps or fire blades. Yet another awesome thing is you can use them to get rid of hexes and spells that give -30% damage to your next attack. And still even more awesomeness is you can use them to get rid of tower shields.

Also, as long as you get your fire prism on first, an ice shield won't affect it. And if you put fire traps on AFTER fire prisms, they will give your fire spells a boost -then- convert the damage to ice (they're set off in the reverse order you put them on).

I don't know what secondary school you trained, but we trained up ice until we got tower shield (cause it kicks so much butt) so we also throw a couple of the low level ice spells in our deck when facing fire monsters to help get rid of ice shields. Or you can pick up a few cheap ice beetle treasure cards and throw those in your side deck and draw one whenever you need one to get rid of those pesky ice shields.

Finally, here's a bizarre little trick my son and I like to use, and I have no proof to say that it works, other than it just seems to work more often. As far as trying to get first attack in a battle... sneak around back of the monsters in the center of the room, then pick out the weakest rank monster of the bunch and charge right at his back side! We call it a "sneak attack!" If you do it right, the weak monster you charged will be in the first position on the opposite side (all the way to the left) when everyone is in their battle positions. Now what I think happens here, is instead of calculating who goes first between you and the most powerful boss, it calculates who goes first between you and the weakest boss, giving you a much better chance of going first! Again, I can't prove it, but it sure seems we get to go first a heck of a lot more often using the sneak attack!

So we're not as far as you are just yet so I can't say for sure these strategies will be enough to help you get past where you're at now, but hopefully they'll help! Good luck!

aka: Aedan Wintermender

May 28, 2009

sorry to say you HAVE to have three people in the dungeon you and too others four is the best but you HAVE to have three people because after the first couple battles there are three crystals that have to activate at the same time and there to far to run to each one (even the boots of the comet trust me i've tryed)

but..... if you want help just post back with your persons info i have a lot of friends so theres no worry about that i love that dungeon so i never un happy to go and i'm grand life

Aug 02, 2009

I am with you on being solo, dont have many friends, do solo only usually, however, I CANT find the Great Sypre! Please advise!
thank you

Dec 23, 2008
lynn111111 wrote:
sorry to say you HAVE to have three people in the dungeon you and too others four is the best but you HAVE to have three people because after the first couple battles there are three crystals that have to activate at the same time and there to far to run to each one (even the boots of the comet trust me i've tryed)

Not exactly true. With judicious use of the Mark/Teleport feature, you can easily do this with two players. (I just did.)
- Find the first crystal. Mark your location.
- Find the second crystal. Leave your partner there.
- Find the third crystal.
- Click the third crystal. Teleport. Click the first crystal. Your partner gets the second, and you're done.

I haven't discovered a way to solo it without at least getting help on the crystal step.

As an aside, most of the fights in this dungeon can be skipped if you're pressed for time. The only ones you have to beat are the dual demons that guard the door to Malistaire's lair, and the four wraiths (or whatever they are) feeding him energy.