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The Grand Chasm Lockbox

May 29, 2009
Me and my friend both had the quest "Three Lock Box" given by Zelen Battlehorn in the Grand Chasm. We both fought through the tower and I got to the box first. We thought it would reappear so she could get it. It didn't so we thought 'no big deal, we'll do it again' So we get back on the sigils and another wizard joined.

All three of us fought to the end but the third wizard ended up getting the box. It still did not reappear for my friend. The third wizard offered to help us go through it again.

The third time we got to the end, the box was not there at all. My friend fought that tower three times through 6-8 floors for nothing. We finally had to give up cause it got late.

Is there any way this can be resolved like the obsidian chest in the Labyrinth is supposed to be fixed. We kind of thought it would do like the crystal and come back after a few seconds.

Thanks for any help to fix this flaw.

Brianna Mooncloud Master Diviner

Ok nevermind. After my friend and I logged on this evening we found out it was an error of miscommunication. She said that she did get the box and thought that when I said "Is it not there?" that I did not get the box.

Mods you can delete and forget this message if you wish.


Dec 23, 2008