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Suggestion to Final Countdown quest

Jul 15, 2008
May I suggest to all players who want to do this quest, especially for those who haven't done this yet but find it hard to find partymates to log in at a certain realm so it'll be easier to find others with the same goal?

I find it hard to search for others who need to do this quest even on a weekend with multiple realms that are crowded or full. I usually wait around dragon's roost for players to pass by but most of the time no one comes. Even when I change realms, it's almost impossible to happen upon on some players who are in need of an extra hand.

I suggest that anyone who needs a party to make the kelvin realm dragon's roost as a meeting point. It's one of the least populated realms and I've never seen it crowded.

This way, we won't have to go realm hopping, and waiting around doing nothing for a long time. Only to change realms again and again for hours.