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Stuck in The Atheneum?

Aug 10, 2011
Hi :-)

Ok so title says all, two of my wizards are stuck in the Atheneum for two different reasons. One of them is my favorite wizard Alura Mythshade level 42 necromancer and my third favorite wizard Cheryl Trollcaster level 41 pyromancer.

Today Alura Mythshade completed the world MooShu and was excited to duel cyrus and get to Dragonspyre. first she collected lava lillys, then got the stone rose quest from zeke. Got a quest from cyrus top open a portal to the Atheneum and talk to this person, Tryed to get inside the shop and what do ya know? failed to load zone.

I logged back in, trying to log in Alura Mythshade, this time waiting to see if the failed to load zone box would close and let me log in

No such luck! it just said Connecting to server for a very long time and then eventuelly says connection lost or something like that....

Thats how Alura Mythshade got stuck.

I was on my used to be highest wizard, Cheryl Trollcaster. ( Alura just ringed level 42 today.) She had just got out of marleybone at level 38 and still in tataki outpost at level 41. I had just decided to teleport Her to her friend somewhere in Dragonspyre. I was always and had to be curious of how the Atheneum looked so my curious attitude led me to a shop that looked like shop Alura had the quest to go in to. suddenly it failed to load zone just like how it failed to load zone for Alura.

Thats how Cheryl Trollcaster got stuck in the Atheneum.

Has anyone else been through this problem or has some helpful answers for me? If so thanks for the help!

EDIT- Thanks wizards i finally got un-stuck a long time ago. :-)

May 20, 2010
You probably have a corrupted file. The easiest way to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall the game.

Mar 13, 2011
Randomperson16 wrote:
Has anyone else been through this problem or has some helpful answers for me? If so thanks for the help!

Sounds like corrupted data on your drive.

This should fix it...

Locate the wizard101 folder on the drive it is installed in.

Go into the \KingsIsle Entertainment\Wizard101\Data\GameData folder.

Delete the following 5 files...


Restart the game and you should be all set. :-)

Aug 10, 2011