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Strategy for Osseus Nightreaver

Mar 22, 2009
I used the following gear and deck setup and never dropped more than 400 health at the very most before healing back to full, this is to say i never lost much red at all, it was quite nice and much easier than i had even anticipated.

wicked mantle
chaos armor
wicked walkers
spear of bears wrath
bears claw of death
myth mastery amulet (no myth spells used in this fight)
black spinel of battle
my wraith gives +6% damage and +15% defense
NO GEMS USED IN ANY GEAR and i had 87+3 death resistance %

Deck makeup:
7 of each of the following
death prism

And now for the strategy to win the day: prism and feint the minion, then wraith to kill minion, after that just feint, prism, wraith boss (repeat as needed for kill)

took me about 10-20 minutes max to kill him, i was eating food at the time so it took longer :/ lol

tags: death necromancer lvl 58 lvl58 bone drake quest boss dworgyn school