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Storm Salamander Pet

Sep 23, 2008
Hello i was walking in marleybone to get to knights court to try to get the snowman pet from jacques and all of a sudden i see a girl with a storm salamander i clicked her and looked at what the pet is it said Storm salamander.
i did not get to look at it cause once i clicked off the playercard she was gone.
Does anyone know about this and where to get it?
Please respond soon!

8) ~Blaze Swiftblade lvl 45~ 8)

Dec 21, 2008
AH MANDER PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these guys are the envy of all pet hunters! the storm one is from the king shemit dejerit( spelled wrong :( )and the fire one is from edo nirini, they are both the same, colors everything, personally fire is MUCH easier! storm in two battles it took an HOUR! going back through a million times is annoying! so GO FOR EDO! ! ! oh and try apinting it! you can make it a shop keeper :D

Blake LionFlame, level 45 master fire ice life wizard

( i could never get a moo shu sword :( only a dragonspyre one :( ice!)

Oct 10, 2008
Those are both in Krokotopia, so why are you posting this in the DragonSpyre section? :?

- Elizabeth IceBlossom, level 50 Pyromancer and pyromaniac

Jun 23, 2009
this is kinda cheap but you can buy one in the bazaar. i have both but i got them as a drop. a true pet collector never buys from the bazaar

Jul 01, 2008
I got mine from the Prince in the Palace Dungeon right before you have to fight Krokopatra on my Balance wizard.

Jun 30, 2009
I got mine from prince AKA. I think that's his name. But it isn't showing up any more!!! Like, i got it. And i tried to equip it, and it didn't turn up.

Apr 22, 2009
hey they got new colors the storm is purple and the fire is the same!!!! :P