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spell? what spell?

Jun 17, 2009
ok so my friend tells me that there is a spell called raven. Of course i don't believe him. But to continue, he says that a raven comes up and uses his (breath) attack and sends out fire, ice, sand, lightning bolts, ect. He also says that it needs 14 pips. Now i know that this is not true but just in case i'm wrong i want to know. Plz post back

Alexander Spellsword-lvl 46 wizard

Aug 24, 2009
3 words: NO SUCH THING! no spell needs 14 pips that means 7 power pips which is the max pips you can have and no one has a 100 percent power pip chance

Jun 23, 2009
i think your friends brain is malfunctioning...

1) that would be a hydra rip off
2) 14 pips means 7 power pips, only one spell requires (Not exactly "requires") that pip amount, its the death X pip spell which summons a wraith minion at 7 power pips.

so yea dont believe him

Jan 05, 2009
Do not believe him... as the others said it is fake. Your friend is being a lier to you. Raven is no such spell.... That would just be a hydra rip off, and the balance bolt thing rip off. Thanks for reading. ~ David DragonTamer