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Spamming Weakness

Jul 13, 2013
Okay so my Grandmaster Sorceror is in Dragonspyre and she's doing the quests there. She was doing really well soloing most of it until she got to the Crucible. That's when the monsters started spamming weakness.
I know monsters cast a lot of weakness spells, but this was crazy. There was a boss and a regular monster and they both spammed weakness until they had three pips, then they attacked. Then they started the cycle over again.
I literally had a weakness spell hovering around my head every turn. It made the battle much longer and harder than it had to be.
I'm a balance wizard, so I could put a lot of blades and traps on myself and the monsters, but I hate to think what happens to schools who don't have that many blades and traps.
King's Isle, please fix this problem of spamming weakness. I agree that the game needs to be challenging, but it's really gone too far with this spamming weakness thing.
Thanks, Myrna Dragoncloud, level 50 .