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Soloing Bosses

Nov 07, 2010
So I have pretty much soloed most of the bosses as a Level 47 Necromancer. At times I have had to use the spell that transforms death to life damage to Death enemies, but other than that, its been pretty rough, dying at least ten times.

So I just wanted to ask all of those who have soloed Malistaire, Is it hard for a Necromancer with that same spell and buffs to defeat him? My health is 2579 and my mana is 441. Please tell me, for those of you who have soloed him, tell me how it is for a Necromancer's perspective. If you are not a Necromancer, then please still give your input. :)

Samuel DarkRider Level 47 Master Necromancer

May 20, 2010
Malistaire is tough because he has three death minions with him. The minions have 1115 health each, a 40% resistance vs. Death and 40% boost vs. Life. Malistaire has an 80% resistance vs. Death and a 50% boost vs. Life.

You shouldn't try Malistaire solo as Death before you get your level 48 spell Scarecrow. The general idea is to put a Death and Elemental blade on yourself, then a Prism on each minion. Don't bother putting a prism on Mr. Malistaire, yet. Then you cast Scarecrow. This does 560 * 1.4 (Deathblade) x 1.35 (Elemental Blade) x 1.4 (Prism effect), or at least 1058 damage, more if you have damage modifying equipment. You'll only need a 6% (equuipment) power boost to your Death spells to put that over the 1115 needed to get rid of the minions. It will also restore over 1600 health to you.

Of course, the enemies aren't going to stand there and let you build up your attack. When your health is critical, you'll want to cast Scarecrow, and prisms probably won't be down on all of the enemies.

After this, you'll want to take out whatever minions are remaining. Then you focus on Malistaire. Remember that you need to put down your Prism BEFORE a Death Trap, so that the traps trigger before the Prism converts to Life magic.