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Solo Areas

Dec 21, 2010
If we are going to solo it in certain areas of Dragaonspyre, could we have message boards that state just that. You have a big message board as to entering Dungeons. A message board that states that "You Are Now Entering a Solo Area. No other friends may join you or teleport into you." Or, something along those lines. And give us a certain time limit to come back in, like in a dungeon. Don't just reset immediately. Thank you.

May 20, 2010
Most dungeons don't automatically reset if you're defeated, and some that do reset won't if you set a teleport mark, get defeated, and teleport back in. Of course, some dungeons won't allow you to set a teleport mark and/or will automatically reset if you leave them.

Also, if you WANT a dungeon to reset and don't want to wait the 30-90 minutes, you can just walk out the entrance and then go back in. If you teleported out or were defeated, you can enter, exit it via the entrance, and reenter it, and it should be reset.