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so malistaires nice?

Feb 27, 2010
heres what i mean.
when malistaire becomes a ghost his wife comes and he says i have been doing this for you like for them to be together so was he thinking he would save them by taking the spiral if so it was a good cause?

sydney spriteblossom lvl 50 life
keep peace in the spiral and noone gets hurt

Dec 31, 2010
Well, really he was going to order the dragon titan to give him it's power in return for it's awakening. Really, he was a desperate and heartbroken old man. I kind of feel sorry for the guy.

Sincerely Jeffrey Spirithunter
lvl 70 Necromancer
"Death shall conquer all forces, or will it ?"

Feb 07, 2011
Nice? I wouldn't go that far... LOL.

Let's face it, the guy needs help. But I feel worse for Sylvia... trapped in the body of that hideous wraith-like thing, until Malistaire brings her back and they both die anyway (because that's probably what would have happened, had the dragon titan gotten its way).

When I saw the cut-scene, I almost felt guilty for letting my wizards beat him up... I mean, that whole mess could have easily been resolved with hugs and cookies (and maybe some counselling).

Feb 27, 2010
Mar 28, 2009
Heres the thing.. he isn't evil..

Malistare Drake was the death professor of Ravenwood. His wife was Sylvia Drake, also a professor, the life. Sylvia died from a nasty cold and Malistare hated it. He sunk the death school and behind the waterfall in the commons is the death school, run by Dworgyn, an egor. Dworgyn was his assistant so he runs the death school now. Malistare hated the world so he wanted to destroy it. He wanted to summon the dragon titan. He went to Krokotopia and he tried to steal the krokonomicon. Luckily the Marleybonians took is away and the krokonomicon was the only thing that could control the dragon titan. So he went to Marleybone to get the krokonomicon and he succefully got it. He needed a Dragonspyre spiral key and the only one there was, was in Mooshu, Merle had one too. Malistare took the spiral key easily and infected the emporer. He finally got to Dragonspyre and did get the dragon titan up, but we defeat him before he could "control" it. We used Sylvia Drake's soul, taken from her tomb, and Malistare and his Wife spoke for the first time in a while. The died together. So Malistare is not evil, just really mad..

Hope this helped
Jason, Diviner, 70
:-o wow.. that was.. long

Oct 18, 2010
Aug 22, 2010
He thought the Titan would bring back his wife, so he did everything he could. Can you blame him? He seemed like a good guy

Nov 18, 2011
Apr 03, 2011
I fell bad for him, afterall, all he wanted to do was bring the person who meant the world to him back to life

Jun 22, 2011
Nice? Try mental. The guy wanted to rule the Spiral with his wife! He put her soul in a wraith! I don't think he was very nice after Sylvia's death. Just my opinion.

Feb 07, 2011
cheeselovergirl123 wrote:
Nice? Try mental. The guy wanted to rule the Spiral with his wife! He put her soul in a wraith! I don't think he was very nice after Sylvia's death. Just my opinion.

Uh, yeah... mental doesn't even scratch the surface of how psychotic the whole plan sounds to a sane wizard.

That said, grief is a powerful emotion that may or may not lead to obsession and/or psychosis. Let's face it, if you were drunk with power, the idea of preserving your husband/wife's soul in the body of a wraith would make total sense to you, too. And that's kinda creepy.

Therefore, I stand by my earlier statement- they both need help, and hugs.