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Small question about DS shop

Jun 16, 2009
Yesterday I went into the DS pet shop (the DS pet shop also sells something else but I don't know what it is) when I talked to the person there, they didn't have the pets they only had the other item they sold there (which I do not know what the other item is) is this a glitch or something?

May 02, 2009
Well first off, the other item sold in that one shop are boots.

Next, the only pets it sold there were the Jade Oni and Storm Hound pet, which are crowns items.

When KI took all the crowns items out of the shops and made them rare boss drops, the DS pets were taken out of the shops.

So now to get the pets without spending crowns, just farm the Jade Oni boss in MS for the Jade Oni pet, and M. Drake for the Storm Hound pet.

I hope I helped some.