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Side Questing

Jul 03, 2018
It would really help if someone were to give insight on what would be best for my wizard. I have just made it to Dragonspyre at level 36 but I feel like I made it here at any early level. I have only done the main story lines in each world (Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu) and rarely had any issues but I know how challenging this world is due to previous wizards.

Should I do side quests? Maybe not Wizard City as their XP is very low, but perhaps Mooshu or even Marleybone? I have not began Grizzleheim nor Wysteria. Should I do that instead? Also, I am going to farm Aquila until I get the gear I need today. Would doing that be more beneficial than side quests?

Yours truly, Matthew

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Jan 18, 2010
At level 36, especially as a , you will heavily struggle in Dragonspyre.

As you suggested, I recommend you visit:


Do all the quests and complementary side quests here.

Yes, it will take some time, but it'll greatly assist you in Dragonspyre where assistance is highly limited.

Also, running Mount Olympus in Aquila can greatly help if you're able to pick up the full school only senator's gear.

Sep 14, 2014
You might find it necessary to train up to certain spells or reach your level 48 spell, Rebirth, all before the Malistaire fight when you're going to need such essentials the most. The amount of training points you can get from the Prospector Zeke side quests can contribute a ton so you can immediately purchase desirable spells, especially the later ones in Celestia that can majorly benefit you.

All in all, I recommend taking on side quests in Dragonspyre, MooShu, and perhaps Marleybone when you're nearing an end to all Dragonspyre storyline quests. If you plan on soloing Malistaire or any harder boss in Dragonspyre and even later on, side quests definitely can't hurt you when taken in moderation. If you just want to explore the game a bit more, as storyline questing can get tiring after a while, I think side quests can be extremely helpful in cleansing your mind of repetition and establishing a sense of satisfaction and completion.

Oct 27, 2018
36 Is Pretty Early when getting to Dragonspyre. As Said before, go to Mount Olympus and farm for the Zeus armor set (Senators works fine, too); It gives a big boost in Attack, Power Pip Chance, (and for ) Outgoing/Incoming Heals.
Do the side-quests starting in Mooshu; And have you done any of the Prospector Zeke Quests/ Lore Quests? Prospector Zeke will give you a training point for finding all of an item in each major area of a world, but gets much more difficult to find starting in Dragonspyre. As for the lore quests, you're just told to find books containing that worlds history. If you do all sidequests, you will find them since they are all in a mini dungeon. As you complete sidequests, in the end you will get some extra xp and equipment.

Do the sidequests, find what Zeke wants, find all the books, and you should reach the appropriate level in no time! I got my Scarecrow on my Main before I was halfway done with Dragonspyre, as well as having the full Zeus armor set+ Sky Iron Hasta with a 62% PP chance. and 34% Attack Boost. As for , some bosses you will fight will be , grab a "leveling buddy" if you can to help you defeat more difficult bosses.

Hope this helps!
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