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Should I still be in MS?

Feb 28, 2009
Jun 04, 2009
Hey. This is what I think m(-_-)m

Wizard City=1 - 13
Krokotopia= 13 - 26
Marleybone= 26 - 35
MooShu= 35 - 40
Dragonspyre= 40 - 50
Grizzleheim= 20 -50 (You have to be level 20 to do Grizzleheim)

Of course, if you are a teleporer...

Wizard City= 1+
Krokotopia= 8+
Marleybone= 20+
MooShu= 28+
Dragonspyre= 32+

Those were the reccomendations for teleporting. You should be at least level 8 or up to teleport to Krokotopia. Or else... SQUISH!

Mar 07, 2009
OK PEOPLE LISTEN. no matter what LVL you go to which world you will be fine. soem are over lvled by wizard city, and then they go on the rest of the game like that. what matters is the whole beinging. most people arent members when they start the game. so they do every task they can. see i wasnt a member for a long time, so i just was fighting stuff. i started cyclopes lane at lvl 12, and fire cat ally at 14, and was fighting foulgaze and nightshade by 16. i finshed krok at 28, ended marly at 35, and got to dragonspyre at 44, and ended my game at 49, and working up to grand. so you can be under or over lvled just efects what lvl you end the game, and that is all.